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PPC advertisement and optimizing your online presence has become more profitable by using different tools that are available to users. Some of these tools are free while there are software and tools that are available in a paid version. These tools help you to make the most out of PPC Campaigns. Here are 5 tools that help you run PPC Campaigns and maximizing your profits as well.



Twilio is one of the tools used by many users to get PPC campaigns up and running. Twilio is basically a cloud communication platform that comes in handy for software developers. Twilio allows developers to make and receive calls programmatically. Twilio is also capable of sending and receiving text messages. It uses the web service APIs to perform its desired tasks. Twilio is a good option for tracking calls and getting information and analytics. You can buy local and toll-free phone numbers very easily and at a very affordable rate. Payments for the services are on a pay-as-you-go basis. One of the functions the tool performs is recording phone calls on your toll-free or local numbers


WordStream Advisor:

WordStream Advisor is one of the online advertising management software that helps advertisers. It helps them to manage Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ad campaigns. It provides users to manage a lot from a single dashboard. WordStream Advisor becomes the only software solution that offers paid social management tools. It is also one of the best PPC tools as well. The purpose is to make various aspects of online advertising simple. Hence, the processes that start from ad creation to campaign monitoring become more streamlined. The software has other functions. It allows users to make changes to the PPC and paid social campaigns. These changes are generally based on recommendations. These recommendations are based on users’ account data.


SEMrush for PPC:

SEMrush is one of the amazing tools that get you insights on your competition. It is one of the best tools to fetch detailed information on the keyword and data. It gets you information and a helping hand and finding you keywords that are highly profitable. Many old and new bloggers use SEMRush to optimize websites, make sure that their content is according to the need of the audience. Also, it helps users to create a better experience for the visitors who are visiting your website. This tool is available for a lower price tag of $58.00  per month and allows you to sign up for the yearly plan.



Spyfu is one of the most useful tools that help you spy on your competitor’s PPC strategies and keywords etc. You can go on SpyFu and type in a website. SpyFu is going to get you information on almost every keyword that they own on Google. All the organic keywords can be seen and the ways these changed over the period of the past 10  years. You can select a Google algorithm and ways that changed affected the website. Also, it shows how a company started off with their Adwords campaign and changed their ad copy. Also, you can find how these guys have changed their keyword groups and squeezed out the highest conversion rates. The tool has some amazing features that other tools you use might not have. I have been using this tool to get an in-depth analysis of a lot of keywords using AT&T uverse deals. The slick interface of this tool gets the application an edge. The information displayed is quite easily available. The pricing for SpyFu starts at an affordable rate of $39.00 to $199.00 per month.



Unbounce is an effective tool that around 100 templates that are designed to meet the needs of almost every type of landing page. These landing pages can be used for any product, lead generation, sales etc. It has some super cool features that include the following:


  • Creating, editing and collaborating on landing pages without any coding
  • Templates that help you publish a campaign without taking too much time, this is mainly done using AI.
  • Helps you to avoid wasting ad clicks that you have paid for.
  • Ensure a 99.99 percent uptime for the landing page, popups etc.
  • Unbounce ensures data privacy protection. It complies with the data privacy and security standards like CASL, GDPR etc.


You can get Unbounce for a monthly payment that starts for about $49.00. You can always start off with the free trial version as well.

The above-mentioned tools are available for users and organizations that want to get a better reputation online. These are ideal to help them stand out from the crowd in the digital realm. These are available for a very affordable price tag and many of them are also available for free. Use these tools that will help you give a clear understanding of the ongoing trends and figures that will be your ticket to the top of the industry. Also, it will help your business, brands, products, and services to reach to the top searched items by users.

Nathan John works as a content editor at Spectrum Hawaii. he previously worked with Frontier internet. He contributes in many online communities and writes about marketing, technology, and business.

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