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There are many elements that make up a success website. One of the very first things you will have to do, when creating a website, is obtaining a domain name. Now things become fun…

Nobody likes spending money, especially if they do not have a steady income yet (such as from the website). However, choosing the right domain name is so important to the success of a site. It can really make and break a website, in fact. This is why, as much as I can, when I am creating a new website, to pay to have a premium domain name. Otherwise, the website will be metaphorically ‘running up a hill’.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help you buy a premium domain name, so you know it is priced right and the one that is fit for you.


Check Valuation Tools

Whatever the price the domain is listed at, the first thing you have to do is question it. Use free tools on the internet to gain an understanding if the for sale price is a fair reflection on the worth of the domain name:


Check is a brilliant website that is a must use for anyone buying a domain name. It is the largest database of information regarding domain name purchases and sales on the internet.

This means if the domain name you are interested in is up for, say, $10,000, but it was actually sold to someone a year ago for $500, then you know the selling price is not realistic!

Do take note that domain prices increase over time naturally, because there are a finite number of them to choose from (unlike currencies that print money, even Bitcoin has mined coins). It makes them very good investments, with this in mind, as the alternative to a good domain name is a not-as-good domain name.


How many words?

The fewer words, the better.

However, too few a words and you’ll pay ridiculous prices.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • Three-word domain names should be avoided as much as possible. Too many words and characters can impact getting high on SERP.
  • Two-word domain names are your best bet, ranging between $100-$50,000 depending on the keywords
  • One word domain names are the best, of course. However, you’ll pay way into 5 figures, if not 6, to purchaes any of these
  • Abbreviations are very good, but only if they are short and make sense


How many characters?

The shorter the domain name, the better. Therefore, always try to think about how you can choose a domain name that uses the least amount of characters as possible.

For example, if you want a website on football information, you could have:


In three iterations, you can see how much more attractive the last option is than the first.


Does it explain your whole site?

A great domain name should explain what your website is about, without you even having to explain it.

For example, can you tell what any of the below domain names are about?

Some of these are obvious, whilst others are not so obvious and have to rely more on a brand to explain themselves. For web users, the easier it is to understand something, the better.

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