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2020 has brought a number of challenges when it comes to running a business and finding an even stronger basis for conducting digital operations. This is where tools like Active Campaign and alternatives to ActiveCampaign come into strong focus.  

Small businesses seemed to have suffered the most since they now have to use a number of marketing tools in order to reach the markets that they would have reached with traditional methods. Everything has moved online and ActiveCampaign alternatives are also a big part of this revolution.  

The main thing to keep in perspective here is expansion. A small business should always have an eye on scaling up its operations with greater reach and engagement. Amid the pandemic times, this would only be possible with digitized tools that help in organizing one’s information with Active Campaign of a fitting ActiveCampaign alternative.  

Ways in which we can expand our business: 


  • Expanding the customer base 

Now, this can be done by using social media marketing in order to reach out to a larger customer base with an alternative to ActiveCampaign. In order to increase and generate new sales, you need new clients and customers.  

  • Targeting the potential audience 

The best way to increase your reach and only tap into the potential ones that might turn into potential customers can be done with organized email marketing. Targeting becomes easier when it comes to using the right email marketing strategy and software that can help you achieve this with ease. This could be an Active Campaign or any ActiveCampaign alternative. 

  • Creating a visual hook 

Whether it’s your website or your social media posts, you should always work towards creating a visual hook that pertains specifically to the choices of those in your core segment. 

  • Easy and convenient  

Navigation and planning it is everything when you are building a landing page or a website that a customer may have reached after following a call for action. This would be as per the information stored on a database in the CRM system like alternatives to ActiveCampaign.  

  • Improve SEO 

With a good SEO framework in the back end, you will be able to reach out to customers and engage with them in a more relevant manner. This can be done with the help of features available on platforms like Active Campaign or any alternative to ActiveCampaign. 

  • Email marketing 

For letting customers remain engaged with your brand, email marketing makes sure to create a spot in their mind due to their constant presence in the customer’s mail inbox. This is all about using emails and converting leads via emails. Email helps in engaging a conversation, as conversions can be expected while using emails. 

When we think of CRM platforms, many such as Active Campaign or ActiveCampaign alternatives come up. ActiveCampaign provides its customers with email marketing, market automation, and CRM tools in order to make sure the customer’s interests and preferences are always considered. It also provides a 14-day free trial so that your business can experience what Active Campaign is all about. It is a platform that converts audience insights into personalized marketing campaign and presents it to them in a very effective manner. Yet, there are a number of features that Active Campaign does not provide. Here is a list of Active Campaign alternatives that you can use instead: 


1. EngageBay 

The best alternative to ActiveCampaign that one can ever think of is EngageBay. If we talk about head to head competition, EngageBay gives tough competition to Active Campaign and is always considered to be one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign and to other software. It provides businesses with an extensive report based on the everyday interaction with your customers; these reports can be based on weekly demands, monthly demands as well as yearly demand. EngageBay makes sure that the engagement between them and their customer is always considered to be the utmost priority. With Engage Bay, customer interaction can be optimized by making direct calls and direct approaches. It is one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign and provides auto-dialling facilities and call tracking inbuilt facilities at all times to their users. Contact management is an absolute stunner feature. The CRM facilities provided by them cannot be compared with any other software.  

2. AWeber 

AWber simplifies email marketing by proving powerful features to help you connect to people with ease and it is another good alternative to ActiveCampaign. It contains tools to automatically create amazing looking emails and landing pages tailor-made for each of their clients. As we know email marketing is way more than just lead creation, it is a mode of communication. They provide good newsletter content creation on an automatic mode. Yet, their templates are very highly-priced. 

3. ConstantContact 

When one thinks about an alternative to ActiveCampaign, Constant contract is also a good option. The unique feature about Constant Contact is the drag-and-drop email editor facility which saves a lot of time and focuses on efficiency. There are many tools for building a strong website or social media page or an email or even an SMS for that matter but as a matter of fact, they charge a very high price for all such tools which can be made available at a far more affordable price. It has a very creative approach towards landing pages and has over 1000+ landing page editor tools, but at a price which is much higher than what others provide. They have over 100+ customizable, responsive email templates at all times but with inbuilt purchase options attached to these templates. 

4. Keap 

Let’s not forget Keap which is another alternative to ActiveCamapign. It is an all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing automation software to help you increase your customer base by providing them with extremely satisfactory services. The only problem with Keap is the reporting process, which when compared to others is not as comprehensive. 


With the above comparison, we can easily see that EngageBay would be the best option for you when it comes to scaling up your business! 

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