Last in the ‘A Complete Explanation Of PPC’ series looked at the keywords¬†advertisers choose in their campaign so that only the An Explanation of Landing Pages in PPCmost relevant traffic enters onto the landing page of that PPC campaign – not only can advertisers choose keywords and phrases that are relevant to the campaign’s contents, s/he can also choose, with negative keywords, keywords to prevent his or her advert from appearing on irrelevant and low converting keywords. In this article, I will be looking at the landing pages in PPC campaigns which, if you read lots of my articles here on, will have heard me say a thousand times that, in my opinion, one of, if not the, most important aspect to a PPC campaign is the landing page (as this is where the conversion takes place).


The landing page in a PPC campaign is a web page which advertisers direct traffic to from their PPC adverts – the web user sees the advert, clicks on it and ends up onto it. This is why I look at the landing page as one of the most important elements to a PPC campaign. You could have chosen the best and most contextual keywords to bring in the best and most-interested-in-your-campaign traffic. However, in simple terms, if your landing page ‘sucks’, then you will find that your conversion rate will suffer significantly.


The great thing for you to know is that is full of article about how to choose and optimise your landing page. The first step to a successful landing page is to choose the right type for your campaign. By this, landing pages are different in the sense that different campaigns request different conversions. One campaign may want the landing page to bring in a sale of a product while another simply wants the web user’s email address to expand their email marketing. Dependent on the objective of your PPC campaign will depend on what landing page you should use.¬†

Here are two links to Part 1 and Part 2 of an article I did last year entitled, ‘[How to] Choose The Right Landing Page For Your PPC Campaign’. In these two articles, you will be able to identify which type of landing page you should use for your campaign.


After you have chosen the right landing page for your campaign, it is time to optimise it! Below is a list of helpful articles on how to optimise your landing page:


To finish this article off, I think it is also important to install Google Analytics onto the landing page. PPC programs such as Google AdWords don’t provide much support for analysing the landing page when compared to what Google Analytics offers. If you truly want to learn about your traffic and your landing page’s potential, install Google Analytics or a similar coded analytical program.

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