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If you have a WordPress website, one of the fundamental factors that will affect the speed of the website is the host you used. At the start of 2020, I experimented with different hosts from one of my websites and found it to have a significant impact on the speed of the site, especially relating to response time.

Although there are many hosting options out there, a platform that is gaining traction more and more comes with Cloudways. The only problem is choosing what host to use and on Cloudways as there are five:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • VULTR High Frequency
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS

Which one should you choose? Here are three tips to take into consideration with such a decision.



One of the biggest concerns for website owners is the cost of hosting. For Cloudways, AWS and Google Cloud are both very expensive options to go with for hosting, but they are the best.

With this, the other four options (VULTR, VULTR High Frequency, Linode, and DigitalOcean) are the best bets to gain the best value for money for WordPress website hosting. This is especially important as your website grows, where you may have to upgrade packages of CPU, RAM, and more to cope.



Believe it or not, the location of a server actually impacts the SEO of the website. This is because website speed impacts SEO. Even if a website uses a CDN, some of the files cannot be stored on a CDN and still have to come directly from the server. If the server is further away from the web user, then this will add to the speed of the site.

Locating your server where you want the best SEO is therefore important. Check which country you want to have the server located in, for this reason, and see if the option is available for the different host options.



Although a lot of the files on a website are caches, pushed onto a CDN and static, some parts of a site still need CPU power: namely for WordPress, admin-ajax. This is the task that makes your site response in time to changes on the page, such as a ‘Load more’ button.

If you utilize a lot of plugins that use the admin-ajax, you are very likely going to want to have a lot of CPU power. If you find you run out of CPU power, your site will become sluggish and could even crash, so this is especially important to consider.

This is generally why, when WordPress websites get a lot of traffic, AWS and Google Cloud are not as viable, since the prices of the different packages, to get the right amount of CPU, become hundreds and hundreds of dollars increase for small increases in CPU power.

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