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The search advert of a pay per click advertising campaign is always going to be an important aspect to a campaign. It is the first 3 Reasons To Repeat Your URL In a PPC Advertinteraction the web user has with the advertiser’s campaign. On the internet, first impressions are absolutely everything so making sure your advert is as good as it can be is vital to the overall success of your campaign. If you type into Google, though, ‘how to create the perfect PPC text advert’, many many articles will come up with ways of creating an optimised search advert. However, the optimisation tips depend directly against what you are trying to advertise.


What I thought I would do is an article to explain some of the reasons why you may want to make your search advert dense with your URL domain name. Yes, it will mean there will be less space in the title and description but it will ultimately have the following benefits.



Promotes Direct Traffic

The number one reason for repeating your URL in your PPC advert is because it will promote direct traffic if the web user does not decide to click on your advert. This is because the URL will be semi-engraved into their mind from repeating it in the advert. This means that if they wanted to visit your PPC campaign later or just your homepage, they will be able to do so since they will be able to remember your domain name.

Unfortunately, tracking the conversions for such type of traffic is difficult but possible – this means you can base your advert around the success/failure of your statistics.



Promotes Your Brand

Depending on what you are trying to advertise, you have the potential to promote your brand name and image further. A great example of this is Apple and their PPC campaigns that like to include the URL and brand name many times throughout their search advert solidifying their brand name to the web user. You can do exactly the same through the use of either mentioning your brand name 2-3 times or, if your brand name is in the URL, your URL 2-3 times (including the URL element of the search advert).



Promotes Clicks

Most web users make the general assumption the advert they click on will take them to some sort of landing page looking for a conversion. In fairness, this does put some web users off clicking on the advert altogether since some advert’s landing pages will be infomercial-styled and look like a spam. By including the URL of your website a few times in the advert will give the web user confidence: something that is deemed a great quality to have especially on the internet. This is because the web user has a faint idea of the landing page they are going to go onto from clicking on the advert.

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