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It’s true to say that pay per click advertising is an awesome way to advertise whatever you want to advertise to the thousands or even millions. I 3 Reasons Why PPC Is Awesomecame to this conclusion while driving my car where I saw and thought about other forms of advertising along the way. When I compared these other forms of advertising to PPC, it just made clear to me how good PPC actually is and just why it is the best form of advertising online.


Below are some other forms of advertising that are not as good as PPC with reasoning.


Posters, Leaflets etc.

With posters and leaflets, the main problem advertisers will have is to actually make people look and engage at the poster or leaflet (because people try to block out advertising and ignore it). You can’t be sure how successful it will be to you and won’t know exactly how many people will glimpse at it, look at it and actually read it. Compare this to PPC, web users have to read the PPC text advert to understand what the advert is about and to click onto it. Already, the web user is engaged. For them to then click on the advert just makes clear that they are genuinely interested in the advert which will possibly lead to a conversion.



Banner Advertising

Of course, during the time I was driving and thinking about advertising, I spared a thought about banner advertising who can be argued to be the best competitor to PPC. However, the thing about banner advertising is that it is as vague as posters and leaflets are. You don’t know how many people will actually¬†look at your advert. You can gain a rough estimation to the number of people that will visit the website with your advert on it every 30 days. But, more importantly, you do not know what type of CTR you will gain. Compare this to PPC again, you know the exact number of impressions and clicks your advert gains.



TV Adverts

TV adverts #1 biggest problem is its price. The price of TV adverts range from around $10 onwards per thousand views. This is extremely expensive. However, with that, you gain around 30 seconds of TV space to advertise your product/service. An image is said to be worth a thousand words. Think about how many words 30 seconds of video is worth?
Compare this to PPC though, PPC is one of, if not the, most affordable form of advertising out there. You control your budget because you control how much you want to spend per day and how much you want to pay per click. Therefore, if anything, you will only ever go under budget and not over.



Just by looking at any other form of advertising being online or offline, you can’t compare it directly to PPC which will make you realise just how special a form of advertising PPC actually is. I guess that is why millions of advertisers use PPC worldwide. It cannot be faulted and comes second to no other form of advertising.

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