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There can be no doubt that BuySellAds has given the biggest PPC programs such as Google AdWords and Adsense the run for their money. After Where I think BuySellAds Can Improve - Editedall, BuySellAds are the biggest banner advertising company out there with hundreds of thousands of advertisers and publishers. However, Google AdWords and Adsense has millions from all over the world. This does put BuySellAds into perspective: they are quite small compared to the PPC giants: Google. What is it about BuySellAds that is making more people move to PPC? In this article, I highlight, what I believe are the key areas BuySellAds can improve to attract more publishers and advertisers.


Cashout in Different Currencies

If BuySellAds truly want to become a dominative figure globally, they need make their program fit the needs of advertisers and publishers worldwide. To do this, the most easiest and simplest solution is to make it so that publishers cashout in their own currency and advertisers buy adverts in their own currency. Coming from England, I am constantly losing money on poor exchange rates when if I chose to use Adsense, since they pay out in British Sterling and many other currencies, I will be receiving more money. The fact BuySellAds only works in dollars highly suggests that they are only targeting the American advertisers and publishers.



Bidding Wars

If BuySellAds wants to be as successful as PPC, they need to change their game and incorporate the best of PPC into banner advertising. Banner advertising is famous for buying advertising units for a fixed amount of time – you do not pay more or less if you gain loads or next to no clicks in the time you have that advertising unit. This makes it easier for advertisers using BuySellAds to budget their campaigns.


On the other hand, PPC is most famous for enabling advertisers to bid for advertising units and, if they are the highest bidder, they get the advertising unit to display their advert and, if it is clicked, only then do they pay the publisher.


What I propose is that BuySellAds uses bidding wars on BuySellAds units. However, instead of bidding for that one advertising unit for that one time use, the bidding will be for a publisher’s advertising unit for a fixed amount of time being 30 days. Once the advertiser has won that unit, they then get to advertising in that space for the price they paid. I really think this will revolutionise BuySellAds because:

  • Advertising units will be sold. For example, the auction time could be a month so that at the end of each month, the auction ends and the advertising unit will be sold. A big problem is that many publishers do not sell all of their units. This will be the solution.
  • The publisher may get more money for a unit than s/he thought or the advertiser may pay less for a unit than s/he thought.
  • This product development will help bring huge brand awareness to BuySellAds, with lots of advertisers and publishers wanting to try this new form of banner advertising out.

The list really does go on. Banner advertising is good at the moment. However, it could be amazing. What BuySellAds needs to do is incorporate the positives of PPC with the positives of banner advertising to make a new hybrid system that will work best for both advertisers and publishers.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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