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Although SEO services can be a blessing for your online business, finding a reliable SEO agency can be a task. Here is a guide to simplify the process of finding a good SEO company for your business. 


How to choose an SEO agency? 

Follow these steps while looking for a good SEO company London:  

  • Assess and understand your needs and expectations from the SEO company. 
  • Set a budget and stick to that. 
  • Get the SEO company’s reviews, case studies, and testimonials.  
  • Look at the firm’s previous experience. 
  • Ask about their speciality and services.  
  • Keep away from agents who make false promises and give guarantees. 

What services to look for in an SEO agency? 

All SEO companies are different, and hence they have different work strategies. It’s essential for you to find an agency that offers wholesome services.  

  • A personalized strategy for your firm 

A custom strategy is an essential component of SEO. A personalized SEO approach can help to maximize your profit and gradually grow your business.  


A lot of SEO companies offer cookie-cutter or copy-paste strategies. A cookie-cutter approach can not bring the ROI for your business.   


Therefore, find an agency that, rather than working on a template, takes time to assess and analyze all your data to provide a custom strategy for your business.  

  • Tools and strategies for SEO auditing  

An SEO audit helps your agency in an in-depth analysis of the SEO strategy and its improvement points.  


SEO auditing is a time-consuming process. It requires an in-depth analysis of all the pages of the website. This is done with a variety of SEO auditing tools. While free SEO tools can come handy, they can’t provide insights as deep as an elaborate SEO team.  


If your SEO agency lacks an SEO audit, it clearly means that they don’t have a custom strategy for your website and are not investing enough time in your job.  


  • Local search engine optimization 

Over the past year, searches including “near me” have almost doubled in their number because more and more people are looking for businesses close to them.  


Also, a study shows that 72% of people who have searched for local businesses have visited the place within five miles. 


Local SEO includes strategies tailor-made for local businesses who want to increase their presence in different search engines.  


Local SEO is quite similar to traditional SEO, where you have to look after your Google My Business account, keyword targeting, review and rating management, link building, user experience analysis, and mobile responsive design. 


  • Features to analyze competitors 

Every SEO service must feature competitor analysis tools that can discover both online and offline competitors.  


Competitor analysis includes researching the keywords, links, content, etc. of your competitor to look for their most successful elements and incorporate those in your tactics. This analysis can be helpful in making custom strategies and taking advantage of your competitor’s weaknesses. 


Therefore, choose a company that not just provides an initial competitor analysis, but makes it a regular part of the SEO campaign.  


  • Data tracking 

To find the best solutions for your SEO strategy and maximize the profit, you must choose a firm that tracks your company data.  


Data tracking through phone calls, contact forms, click-through rates, site visits, etc. is essential to create a custom strategy.  


Therefore, go for a firm that features some extensive data tracking methods to track and measure your entire company data. 


  • Voice search engine optimization 

Voice SEO is the optimization of keywords for searches using different voice assistants like Siri and Alexa.  


Analysts predict that voice search is going to account for about 50% of searches by 2020.  


Voice searches have characteristics distinct from a regular search. This is because of two reasons – First, because voice searches contain long words and may contain controversial words and Second because 22% of voice searches are for local content.  


Get along with a team that can leverage these characteristics for your benefit and helps you to tackle voice SEO problems.  


  • Off-page and on-page optimization 

Off-page optimization in SEO refers to the optimization of factors outside the website that affect its ranking. For example, experts can use your backlink profile to increase your ranking in search results. 


On the other hand, on-page optimization refers to the optimization of features of your website to improve its ranking.  


Off-page SEO includes the development of shareable content for your website’s blog, promotion of your site’s content to bloggers and webmasters, optimization of your Google My Business account, and much more. 


While on-page optimization makes a larger part of the SEO, you want to find an agency that provides both on and off-page optimization.  

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