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Since the early 1990s the World Wide Web has played an increasing role in online commercial ventures.  In fact, one of the best types of advertising that is available today is the pay per click advertisement.  While there are many advertising firms, which specialized in pay per click advertising campaigns, there are also several varieties of software available to the public, which will allow independent business owners to create their own advertising campaigns using many of the World Wide Web’s search engines.  For example, Google has developed their own type of unique Internet-based advertising software called AdWords.  This program allows advertisers to place their own advertisements on Google search engines, as well as those of their partner networks such as Ask.com.  AdWords is designed to allow independent business owners to increase their products’ marketability.  Using the AdWords software, advertisers can target their audience based on demographics, ethnicity, and other criteria which they set for themselves.  Therefore, these criteria can help businessmen reach their desired audience, by placing their advertisements on websites associated with Google.  At the same time the advertiser can ensure that one particular advertisement will be shown to a particular user.  This is a great feature since the repetitive viewing of the same advertisement is often annoying to many computer users.

Microsoft has also developed its own variant of this type of software known as, Adcenter.  AdCenter, like its Google-based counterpart, can be used by independent advertisers to place ads on MSN and other websites and search engines associated with the Microsoft Corporation.  Facebook also offers similar types of services, but the Facebook variant has been reported to be underdeveloped and uncooperative when compared with Adwords and Adcenter. You can see this from a internet marketing Toronto company called Maple North.

Furthermore, some of these web-based search engines such as Google have begun to develop programs specifically designed to help clients who use AdWords in managing their accounts, and creating their ads.  Microsoft and AdCenter have also developed similar programs which are intended to teach users all of the interesting features and uses of these two types of programs.     Many people may be asking why is this important.  There are many reasons.  Using these programs can take your business from a local affair to an international giant in a few short months.  Thanks to the development of Internet-based advertising programs such as AdCenter and AdWords millions of users have already been successful.  One of the reasons that these programs have received international accreditation is the fact that these programs are endorsed by several of the Internet Advertising Bureaus or IAB’s.  These are the organizations which control the commercial content of the World Wide Web.  Furthermore both Google and Microsoft are internationally based corporations.  Therefore, anywhere there is an internet connection an advertiser or salesman who uses either AdWords or AdCenter can reach new customers with ease.  If you want to improve your company’s public exposure with out paying the hefty fees ascribed to PPC firms, then may I suggest that you investigate the possibility of your small business computers with either AdWords or AdCenter.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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