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Google Marketing Live 2021 is one amazing virtual event that happened recently on 27th May 2021. Like always, it was extremely interesting and empowering with quite many big announcements that are going to significantly impact the future of the marketing world in 2021 and beyond. The important announcements were focused on several crucial concepts like privacy, how to be exceptional in the SERP, important updates on reporting, and rising new solutions for the travel industry.  

The Performance Max Campaign was greatly focused on Google Marketing Live 2021. It was highlighted how such campaigns can help you accomplish the goal of generating enough leads so you can grow the online sales of your business without making use of the Google Merchant Center product feed.

However, Google’s announcement also revealed that when it comes to businesses with physical stores, they should continue to leverage the power of Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns for the upcoming festive season.

Apart from this, there were a lot more interesting revelations during Google Marketing Live 2021. In this blog, we have compiled the most important ones.

Read on.

  1. Redefining Conversions 

Google has revealed that the new conversion tracking feature can make more precise conversion measurements. The key ways how it can be done are by enhancing the observable data and taking the overall quality of conversion modeling to the next level.

This allows conversion tags to get access to hashed customer data that marketers fetch on their conversion page and then compare it with the Google logged-in data. The brands that leverage enhanced conversions usually notice an increase in conversion rate by 3.5% on the search and 12% on YouTube.

  1. Getting the Image Extensions in Play

In the recent Google Live, it was announced that ‘image extensions’ are not a part of beta anymore. They are available to marketers worldwide so the performance can be driven in a way better than search. Google said that this feature will help you increase the visual appeal of your existing text ads with ad extensions that will ultimately allow for similar image complements. With this update, your ad’s primary elements will not change but your business will be able to attract more users with an image component.

  1. Integrating Shopify is Important

Out of all the announcements that Google made in Google Marketing Live 2021, one of the most important ones is that it will have seamless integration with Shopify. This will help e-Commerce stores to easily get the product inventories set in real-time, as well as use Shop, Pay as an option to pay across all Google services.

  1. Audience Signals are Introduced 

A unique feature for the Performance Max Campaigns is the Audience Signals. It has been announced in Google Marketing Live 2021. This will help marketers boost up the campaign learning period while incorporating automation with the best features of the automated targeting technology of Google.

Wrapping Up

So, we have discussed the key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2021. Don’t forget to implement these in your business, whatever niche it belongs to. It will end up taking the online presence of your brand to the next level!

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