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Search engine optimization has continued to be a crucial skill in the digital space. As a beginner, you are obviously curious to learn more about SEO and how you may effectively use it to gain search engine ranking and get more traffic to your site while at it. This article will highlight four major places to begin this journey and you will surely get the results you so desire. However, mastering SEO skills may not be as easy as you may think. This is especially because Google updates its algorithms from time to time and keeping up to date can prove to be an uphill task. The bone of contention, however, lies in practice. Read widely and put into action whatever you will learn. 


Here are the four core areas of SEO that newbies are strongly advised to dig into: 


1. Boil the SEO right down to its Basics 

In here, you are looking for the people who are searching for you. This translates into taking care of site security, optimizing Meta tags, implementing data structure markups and writing good H1 and H2s. Besides this, you should think about website security and the SSL Certificates plays a major role in helping to develop some trust in your client, it assures them that the information they will share is encrypted. SSL certificates also play a crucial role in SEO and its relations to websites. Google recently changed their search algorithms to favor sites that use SSL certificates, sites without these crucial files are marked as ‘insecure’. It goes without saying that no visitor will visit an insecure site. 

Secondly, the Meta tags and H1 H2s help inform the user what the page is mainly about.  


This helps in ranking because the more the relevance of information displayed, the more ranking you get. 

Data structures add wonderful snippets to your results in SERPs. How this works is it displays reviews, images and prices from your site as compared to just displaying your sites URL. You can already see the importance of these data structures. All these four elements help to find your target audience. 


2. Look to Gain Authority over Competing Sites 

Google seems to favor websites with authority. Why? You may ask. Simply put, websites that have authority over others are trusted by Google and this goes a long way in getting them a high ranking. They also get the highest amount of traffic and also do very well in financial transactions.  

There are two main ways to command authority on Google, we will discuss them: 

  • Optimizing your site’s internal linking– this is defined by making the anchor text flow freely in the content you create and that the links are aware of what the visitor is looking for. 
  • Earning inbound links from other sites– this is brought about by showing a site owner that placing links that lead to your website will be of mutual gain. You can do this by writing a guest blog that relates to the content of the target site. 

Google will notice your efforts and will definitely get you the ranking and optimization you desire. These methods may take time, but rest assured they will work, and you will experience optimization at its best. 


3. Utilize RankBrain 

What is RankBrain? Simply put, it is a part of Google’s algorithm that utilizes machine learning to match search results with what the user is looking for. There is however more to RankBrain than is said, according to digital marketers, they claim that it uses the search data inputted by the user to unearth the user intent and match it to the unsaid intentions of the user. It is intelligent enough to know the entire scope of what searchers are looking for, it gives you results of related searches that might help you with your quest. That is why Google has the lion’s share in the search engine industry. 


4. Create a great user experience that is inclusive of load speed. 

Google favors websites that have a high load speed of just under two seconds. Speed is everything when it comes to customer satisfaction. Google has really set the bars; they aim for a half-second. This mostly applies to eCommerce websites. Customers will tend to lean more towards the websites that load faster. 

Using an SSL Certificate will play a part in helping your website get good loading speed. Additionally, you can minimize your code if you find your website is still slow. If you want to further increase your site’s speed you can reduce the size of images you use and enable caching for your site. This will go hand in hand in optimizing the speed. 


As additional tips for beginners, here are some things to remember to effective SEO. 

  • Ensure your website is accessible to both humans and bots 
  • Get relevant keywords to decent search traffic potential 
  • Optimize pages for search engines 



Beginners in the game can easily be pros and attain good SEO skills. This will, however, be accrued overtime as good SEO experts did not happen overnight. Besides, SSL certificates play the all-important role of safeguarding your site from external threats that may harm your eCommerce store. They also serve to get you better search engine ranking and so much more goodies they come with. Lastly, regarding all the points highlighted in this article and you will be destined for greatness! 


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