How SEO Is Changing And Why It’s Simpler Than You Think

Google’s update in 2011 has really changed the world of how SEO works. Optimization has shifted from having to over-emphasize keywords to a more human-like approach when crafting online content.

Before, you’d have a checklist that should meet the following criteria- a keyword density percentage, putting in the keyword at least 3 times within 500 words, calculating anchor text ratios and researching LSI keywords that you can throw in the mix.

Today, you can forego all of that and just write in a natural way, just like how Google always wanted it to be. SEO is now becoming more simpler than ever. Here’s how white hat SEO is gaining grounds as the go-to strategy for long-term website success.

SEO Simplified- White Hat SEO

Bot programmers and black hat SEO specialists work around current algorithms and exploit the system for all its worth. They may have gotten away with it, but Google is a search engine giant, and its algorithms and the way it tracks SEO is becoming smarter than ever. Duplicate content, paying for mass link submissions and sneaky strategies such as stuffing a 500-word article full of keywords is no longer acceptable. Spamming forums and blogs with unrelated comments is now frowned upon. If you’re one of the many sites that use these strategies, then it’s to your best interest to change that to a more organic optimization.

Google’s RankBrain is becoming more human each day. It’s now learning to read like a human and determining whether a particular content piece offers a great value to its intended audience. The SEO of today is striving towards the goal of improving the user experience.

Should you be terrified of where the SEO trend is going? You’ll have no reason to as long as you stick to optimizing via white hat SEO. It’s a simple mix of quality content, organic links, and great user experiences.

PPC As A Building Block

Black hat SEO may tempt you with quick results in search rankings, but it will bite you sooner or later. White hat strategies in conjunction with PPC campaigns could be a force to reckon with. Displaying ads in sponsored sections where users see their keyword searches may be more effective than underhanded tactics to get to page 1 of search results. Of course, this comes at a price. SEO remains the more cost-effective choice.

White hat rewards you over time with a strong structural base that you can build your site on. With it, you can be sure that your foundation won’t crumble away with the latest algorithm update. Persist in building natural links, and organic traffic will naturally come once you reach the higher search ranks.

Creating Quality Content

Slow and steady wins the race, and the same goes for SEO. Your readers will more likely learn something when you craft an engaging content without worrying about word count, keywords and all that. The longer the content, the more the writer can elaborate and better explain the topic and the concepts behind it.

Remember that keywords should only be added in once the whole idea has been put down to virtual paper. Optimization can then be done further by adding in relevant pictures and videos that enhance the whole experience. Google has placed emphasis on videos as they rank higher than text-based content.

You’ll find that you’ll naturally gravitate towards the keywords and other LSI terms when you write from a white hat standpoint. The more reputable the site links and the more related phrases, the better. Google will see these as highly relevant and therefore will reward you with a higher ranking for that keyword.

Focus more on delivering great content which will prove to be invaluable for your reader or target audience. Don’t post just for the sake of posting- remember that quality trumps over quantity each and every time. Would you rather read a well-written, informative piece that you’d bookmark, or two articles that do little other than waste your time? If a reader likes what you wrote, he or she may even share it within their community, which gives you free traffic!

Building Natural Links

When you create quality content, other websites will want to partner up with you. Build up on organic links this way, and pretty soon you’ll get more visitors heading your way. Backlinks should never be paid for. A good web owner must earn it when he or she gets the “vote of approval” from other web owners.

Providing Great Experiences

Your website should be well-designed and responsive. Make it look great even when your audience is browsing on your site using their mobile phones or tablets. Loading speed is an important element to both user experience and Google alike. Investing in an excellent hosting service that promises 99% uptime is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Just follow this guide and soon you’ll find yourself ranking on the relevant keywords. White Hat SEO may be slower than Black Hat SEO, but it pays off more in the long run. Stable, gradual yet solid growth is what you can expect when you build your online empire using white hat strategies!

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“Amit is a freelance seo consultant based in the UK, who believes in straight to the point, no-fluff advice”

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