Social media play a very important role in a content’s promotion. However, they don’t do this by default. You are able to achieve the desired result and to reach the goals you set but simply writing a good content is not enough to do so. You need to know how to adjust this content to social media, how to make it clickable and more appealing to the readers.

And here’s how you can do so.

1. Work on the headlines.

Headlines are important for two different reasons: they need to catch the audience’s attention and they need to let them know what to expect of the article. That’s why coming up with click-baiting articles that have nothing to do with the contents of your post is not a good idea at all. Sure, the readers will be drawn to your posts by such article – but they’ll be very disappointed when they’ll find out that the post has nothing to do with a headline.

Make a headline impressive but also let it explain to the readers what they’ll get after clicking on it. Use power words for a better impression. And don’t settle with one headline when you’re going to promote the post on many social media – create unique headlines for each one of these networks.

2. The time of the posting matters.

Some bloggers think that’s obvious. However, you might be surprised with how many people forget about this concept, sharing content when it seems convenient to them, not when it the best time to do so.

How to find out what time is right for posting? It’s pretty simple. The more people will see your content, the more likes and shares it’ll get. All you need to do is to find out when your target audience is the most active during the day.

However, remember that the time can be different for various social media platforms. Maybe you’ll need to experiment to find the right posting time for each one but the result will worth your efforts.

3. Add the right images.

No matter what social media you use, you get more shares and likes for simply adding images to your posts. And just imagine how much you would benefit from picking your images thoroughly.

Some bloggers add images to their posts simply because they know that it’s the right thing to do. They also know that professional bloggers use them and so thing they can look more serious and businesslike by adding them. However, doing this is not the same as carefully choosing the right images for your blog.

Don’t settle for the first image that you find on image stocks and don’t use only one. Instead, try to pick an image that will catch the audience’s attention but will illustrate the contents of your posts (literally or metaphorically) at the same time. Choose different images for each one of your posts’ main points. If appropriate, try to pick the ones that’ll make your readers smile or laugh – this will make the post more entertaining and memorable.

4. Use social media buttons.

Another thing that might seem possible and yet is ignored by many. While your audience might want to share your post they probably wouldn’t do so when you don’t have social media buttons added to it. You have to make it as easy as possible to encourage sharing.

That’s why you also should consider making the buttons move along while the reader will be scrolling your page – this way they’ll be able to share the content at any point of reading. Encouraging your audience is also a good thing to do. Even if it might seem that a few words of encouragement will have little effect on your readers, it could actually help some of them to decide to share your article after all.

5. Make them curious.

While writing headlines for the click-baiting purpose only is not a good thing to do, it’s still nice to build some curiosity around your post. People like to be intrigued and if you do everything right and satisfy their curiosity, in the end, they’ll be very satisfied with your content.

How to do so? You can try asking the audience a certain question that seems too unexpected or that they might not know the answer for. This way they’ll be interested in finding the answer and will also start thinking that learning more about a topic could be a good idea.

Another way to build curiosity is to use a surprising quote or to cite a certain interesting fact that doesn’t meet your audience’s expectations. However, no matter what strategy you’ll choose, make sure that you’ll be able to fulfill the readers’ curiosity with the help of your post – otherwise, they’ll be disappointed.

Without a doubt, social media can become one of the most powerful promotional tools for your content that doesn’t even require any investments from you. However, you do need to use them right if you want to achieve this result.

Of course, this will require a lot of learning. These 5 tips will help you improve your promotion strategy but you still shouldn’t settle with them only. There are plenty of ways to truly maximize the potential of using social media, so keep learning, testing new strategies, and making the most out of your social media promotion. I wish you good luck with that!

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.

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