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Business procedures keep improving and getting easier while driving in sales and getting conversions. This is a result of technological innovations, especially that of the internet. The internet has changed a lot about business approach to advertising and this change has led to an increase in results.

On the other hand, traditional advertising methods have been the backbone of businesses for decades. It has evolved but not failed to keep businesses alive. But can it continue to be relevant to businesses in this current age?

There are two main types of advertising which are:

  1. Online Advertising: This includes social media, PPC, etc.
  2. Traditional/Offline Advertising: This includes TV adverts, billboard adverts, flyers, etc.

Each of these advertising mediums has proven to be effective, but the question is which is the best? PPC or traditional advertising? To find out which is the best, certain factors need to be considered.

  • Cost: The first factor to consider happens to be the cost of running the ads. PPC ads are budget-friendly and don’t require one to break the bank to set up. On the other hand, traditional adverts are quite expensive and cost more than PPC ads.
  • Targeting: To target the right set of audiences is the main factor that determines how well an advert converts. When a business targets the wrong audience, there is every chance of having a poor conversion, and PPC ads help to avoid it. With PPC ads, businesses can develop a better understanding of their audience behavior and use it to their advantage. PPC ads also allow brands that have a better idea of who their audience is to target them directly. On the other hand, most traditional advertising methods have no way of targeting the main audience. They just target a wide range of individuals and provide little to no feedback on how your target audience reacted.
  • Control: Another vital factor worth looking into is control. Being able to control how an ad runs is crucial to businesses. With PPC ads, businesses can set the metrics as they feel and can easily track and measure the result. However, traditional methods do not provide businesses with so much control and abilities.
  • Reach: When it comes to reaching an audience, it will also interest you to know that PPC ads enable brands to reach out to an audience in both a close and far location. We can simply say that PPC removes the reach limit. The fact that there are over 1 billion internet users shows the possibilities PPC offers. But traditional ads are limited in most cases. Although traditional ads can help target a local or specific area, PPC does it better.
  • ROI: What’s the essence of running an advert if not to get returns and boost conversions? This is the ultimate goal and must be considered. After putting these factors into consideration, it is glaring that PPC marketing offers a higher ROI than traditional marketing. Its ability to help businesses target the right audience, reach out to more people, and control how the ad runs, can help businesses get a better ROI.

In summary, both PPC ads and traditional ads are effective and helpful for businesses and individuals looking to get results, but PPC is easily a better option for most businesses. Also, PPC has several benefits for small businesses which traditional marketing can’t promise.

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