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All activities that connect users with each other, promote community build up and greater interaction are called user engagement activities. Higher user engagement is better and more profitable for the website. Many websites go astray due to poor user engagement on their websites. In this article, we will tell you 5 tips to improve user engagement on your site.

1. Get the Basics Done the Right Way

When you are trying to enhance your social media marketing campaign, the best way is to begin with the basics first. These include qualitative and quantitative activities on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Post entries regularly and respond to user comments as soon as possible. To keep the customers coming on your page regularly, create polls, contests, quizzes etc. Also, make your web URL name attractive and unique.

2. Post at Specific Times to Reach the Right Audience

Very few people know that the peak hours for big brands to post on Facebook are 7am, 5pm and 10pm EST when people are leaving for work, have returned from work, and are going to bed, respectively. During these hours, the user activity is at its peak as per research. Similarly, different markets have different peak hours and days. For example, the entertainment industry experiences its peak on weekends. NoIdentityTheft has done it meticulously and the outcome is obvious impressive.

3. Make Your Posts Shorter yet Powerful

Keep your posts short and sweet. It was found that posts of 80 characters maximum receive the highest number of user engagement. Also, people click more on full-length URLs than tinyurl or Also, if you wish to get even more user engagement, put a question at the end of the post rather than at the beginning or in middle.

4. Do Not Sell Your Products on Social Media

There are a lot of people who still consider social media networks as a medium of generating sales only. This should not be done since you should understand that such websites are a way to interact with your customers and persuade potential customers to become customers. During the research it was also observed that people who posted more sales-oriented messages on social networks did not succeed to persuade user to make purchases.

5. Promote Business Skillfully Over Social Media

Respond to your users in an innovative way and keep them engrossed through different contests. Ask your customers to send in entries of the products they own from your business so the best one would win gift certificates, gift hampers etc. Such activities successfully generate greater social engagement in a very short span of time. Promoting your business also generates greater user engagement during festive seasons like Christmas when a large number of people are looking for low-cost purchases and discounts.

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