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The month of October has provided many useful PPC articles for advertisers to help improve the performance of their PPC campaigns. For one, I have noticed that during October, most businesses were tweaking their campaigns to get them ready for the holiday Christmas season. It may seem early for advertisers to be doing this. However, the quicker you change your campaign to accommodate the rush in holiday traffic, the more chance you have of taking advantage of this benefit. As a rule of thumb, if you have a campaign that you want to adapt for Christmas, look to make it ready for use by the beginning of November  This will ensure you won’t miss out on the extra serge in traffic, clicks and conversions.


Think Of PPC As A Business Part 1 and Part 2

Within this two-part article, I explain how pay per click advertising campaigns can be compared to that of a stereotypical business. For this reason, you will then be able to apply some of the traits of a business to help benefit you in PPC. For example, businesses apply contingency plans for unexpected times of failure: the same can be applied to PPC. As well as this, I look at three areas that business owners would do: create a business plan (this time, for PPC), communication and reviewing performance.


Who Uses What Landing Pages?

When it comes to creating articles to help advertisers, I find that just telling advertisers information won’t always work in putting a particular message across. Sometimes, the best thing to do is show examples which is exactly what I do here. In this article, I look at three real-life businesses and their landing pages explaining what landing page they have used and why. From this, it will help advertisers understanding why different markets and businesses use different landing pages helping them to make the right decision with their own landing page.


Ad Dynamo vs Adwords – Landing Page Wars

Sticking to the topic of landing pages, I try and apply the same type of article as above but to PPC programs and their landing pages. Within this article, I look at how Google Adwords approaches customers differently to Ad Dynamo from the different style and theme of landing pages used. The points made in this article are then supported by a comment from the CEO of Ad Dynamo himself! Therefore, it may be quite valuable to read this article and then gain the perspective of a CEO of a competitor to Adwords.


Increase Your PPC Advert’s CTR With URL, Image Adverts and Through Experimenting

Here is a mini-series, if you like, on some ways you can increase your PPC advert’s CTR. The reason I made this mini series is because a lot of advertisers find that their campaigns are inadequate of reacting to competitors, external factors etc. By this, I mean that if the advertiser needs immediate and quick traffic in the short term (instead of having long term less traffic), the campaign’s CTR means that there is no immediate increase in traffic: the campaign hasn’t got the ability to change in reaction to external factors. Therefore, by increasing the CTR of your PPC advert means that your campaign is more able to gain lots of short term traffic when you need it: it has the ability to change. Think of this as a contingency plan if you like.


There’s the top seven best articles I believe I created in October 2012 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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