I wanted to go over some of the key differences between Google Display Network and Ding Content Network.  For the sake of everyone, Google used to refer to it’s platform as the Google Content Network but has transitioned it to the Google Display Network.

Google Display Network

  • Text, image, mobile text, mobile image, mobile click to call, video, and rich media/flash.
  • Can target contextually via keywords, placement (or site) targeting, by topics, or interest categories, can also re-market to users through re-marketing campaigns.
  • Show ads on YouTube, sites that have partnered with Google (nearly 80% of all the ads shown in the world), and specific Google properties that show Adwords ads.
  • Both post and pre-pay option.
  • Can views automatic placements from the domain level or drill down deeper to the actual URL’s.
  • Uses general keyword themes within ad groups to help determine where ads are placed.
  • More expensive bids, more competition, but a lot more reach.

Bing Content Network

  • Text, mobile text, and mobile click to call.
  • Can us contextual targeting via keyword or site targeting.
  • Show ads next to content on Yahoo, MSN, and other partnering sites.
  • Post-pay option only.
  • Can only view domain level of placements.
  • Separate keyword bids affect the placement of content ads, so sometimes ads are places based on the keywords.
  • Cheaper bids and a lot less competition.

So to recap everything above, Google Display Network dominates the market, has the majority of sites out there, has it’s +1 in it’s display ads, and gives you much more flexibility in displaying your ads online while Bing Content Network has less clicks, less flexibility, but is a lot cheaper.  One thing that Bing does have going for them is MSNBC and the Wallstreet Journal Digital Network only work with Bing.  So if you or your clients need to have ads up on those sites or you see your competitors on those sites it would be a good idea to sign up for Bing Content Network.  You can bet that you’ll get a TON more traffic from Google Display Network but you will pay for those clicks.  With Bing you will get a lot less clicks but your cost will be significantly less.  The best way would be to use both if you have the time.

Learning Display Advertising for some business can help launch them into the online world much faster than other forms of online advertising.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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