The Internet is a ripe new venue for advertising because virtually everyone logs onto the Internet. It works the same way as billboards work to advertise on everyone that goes through on the same highway. The Internet has evolved from its basic shell as a communications tool to a virtual world filled with endless information. Of course there are many enterprising individuals who’d like to make their own bread through this new innovative piece of technology. Advertising over the Internet could lead to a lot of possibilities since the number of people logging on to the Internet is growing exponentially. Today, you can’t have a computer without any capability to connect to the Internet. It’s like having a car that needs to be pedaled, like those Flintstones commercials.

The point is the Internet is fresh new advertising space for marketing and advertising campaigns. Placing an ad in a website that gets so many hits could yield a high return of investment for those advertisers. Websites can charge for advertising space of course and Google’s version of it is Google AdWords. The process they use is called pay per click advertising or PPC. Websites like Google can get payment out of the number of people who click the ad that leads to the businesses’ website or have viewed the ad of their client. This is a very common advertising tool used by all kinds of websites around the world, from the smaller upstart businesses to the bigger and very well known ones.

You could probably see them in other websites like Yahoo! for instance. Google AdWords is where businesses can simply tag their services, products, even IP addresses to certain keywords. Every time someone searches for the related keyword or words, their ads come up right next to the search results at the search results page. However search results are different from the ads themselves because the search results are based on the relevance of the keyword through backlinks (generally at least) while the ads are really what they are, paid for advertisements. Advertisers and their clients can also localize and reach their target demographic by setting their ads to specific times and locations.

It’s a great way to filter out people who don’t have any actual interest in what the ad advertises. People can reach their target demographic without spending too much. It’s like the people go to the ads instead of the ads going to them. All in all Google AdWords is a great online advertising tool that people can use to help their businesses or products get known throughout the web. This could do wonders especially if they’re a startup business and would require a lot of exposure to be able to get known. The Internet is probably the easiest place to advertise because of how low the costs are, and how easily things can be shared or go viral. A small advertising campaign can really go far on the Internet, which is why a lot of people are turning to it nowadays.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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