Google over the past few years; has developed many innovations that has revolutionized how everyone uses the Internet. Google has made using the Internet beneficial from both sides all while making their bread through the process. Ah, yes the Internet, where everyone turns to for an immediate and convenient source of information. The Internet has now become a platform where people can gather and communicate and share information; all thanks in part to the great developments of webs companies and developers like Google. They’ve recognized how people use the Internet for information and have taken full advantage of that. How you may ask? The answer is really pretty simple: Google AdWords.

Let’s make one thing clear though, AdWords are different from the search results that Google provides. Search result’s criteria of the number of appearances on the list are strictly their relevance to the entered keyword, while AdWords appear because they are paid to appear. However, Google makes sure that they are differentiated immediately by separating the list of ads from the search results list. The way AdWords work is through a business model called pay per click or PPC. Let’s get you up to speed with PPC tips for you to better understand. Google charges their clients (or the advertisers) a set amount based on how many people clicks or hits a website gets from their backlink to Google. In short, every time a person clicks an ad, Google gets paid. It’s a fairly simple yet ingenious process for both the advertisers and Google.

So how do these ads get placed in the first place?

Well, potential advertisers go through a very grueling and competitive process to maximize the placement of their ads and to ensure a higher conversion ratio of return of investment. Possible clients of Google bid for specific keywords to tag their website with. If let’s say I need to advertise a new piece of equipment; a new model of headphones perhaps,  tagging keywords such as headphones, new headphones, headphones for sale etc. would conjure up the ad to appear as the search results appear. Sometimes the selection of which keywords to use makes all the difference in receiving more hits. People can also target specific areas and times with their ads.

Google gives their clients options on when to run their ads. Clients can choose to make Google run their ads at specific times in order to target a specific demographic. They can also choose to run ads exclusive to location allowing people to find shops that are nearest to them and vice versa (allowing shops to find customers nearest to them). With Google AdWords businesses are sure to get the kind of exposure and advertising they need out of the most prominent search engine on the web. Not only does advertising in Google yield more traffic, it can also serve to give their clients more exposure. Just being seen in one of the most visited websites in the world can have its benefits too!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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