Maybe this change happened a while back and I never noticed but it appears that Facebook Ads change to a 1 minute refresh rate.  What does this mean for Advertisers?  Well, it means that you’re paying for a 1 minute impression, then it’s gone.  Is this setting advertisers up for failure?

Previously Facebook advertising had allowed an impression where as long as you didn’t refresh the page the ads would show.  The average person spends 11 minutes on Facebook each day.  That means that if they aren’t doing anything but watching their Facebook news feed that they are seeing over 88 different ads during that 11 minute period.

Another change is that Facebook ads has gone from 5 to 8 ads on the news feed.  What this means for advertisers is that your ads need to stick out.  If your ads isn’t showing and standing out above all other ads then you’re screwed.

Test, Test, Test

Notice the ads to the side of this post.  You will notice the ads that stand out much more then other ads.  It’s the ones with a red box around the outside.  I’ve done many tests on colors outside the picture.  I have found that people are 20% more likely to click on the ads if it has a red box on the outside.  I’ve also found that yellow get’s an 11% increase in CTR.  This can mean the difference between profitability and failure.  You should always be testing.

Red vs Yellow Box

Yes, I’ve tested this and these were the two box colors that tested the best.  The CTR of red was 20% better then the average ad.  The CTR of the yellow was 11% more.  Something interesting to note is the red also had a 5% conversion on the back end to a completed sale.

In my opinion the top ads have a red box around them.  Could be different for each product but it’s something you should be testing.  You should be testing everything that you do.  Make sure that you’re ads are being clicked on.  Find the right picture that converts better then all the rest.  Then choose a box color around the picture, it’ll help your CTR and most likely your over conversion on the back end!

Best look getting the most out of Facebook Ads!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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