Want to use Facebook ads? And do you want to up your Facebook ads campaigns? If your answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place. Facebook is the perfect place for small businesses which use paid advertising without the risk of losing a lot of time and money. In this article, you’ll find eleven ways to create an effective Facebook ad campaign. How much a Facebook ad campaigns costs is up to you. Clicks can cost less than $1 each, but it depends what your target audience is.

So, how do you optimize your Facebook Ads campaign? Read on…

Have a goal in mind

You must have a goal in your mind if you want your ads to be successful. Do you want more followers? More sales? More engagement? Or maybe you want to generate sales. No matter which campaign you run, Facebook has a specific goal in mind for you. Facebook optimizes ads that optimize from conference registrations to app downloads and anything in between.

Target Your Audience

With 1.28 billion daily users your ideal audience is always on Facebook. Just putting up a posting won’t be enough to convert users into customers. You have to run successful Facebook ads to up your sales.

Where to find them? Your three most basic options are a cold audience or audiences of people on your page or custom audience. You can input age, gender, country/region, placement, etc. One place you can find your audience is Facebook’s Audience Insights is a phenomenal tool to help you out. Set any specific parameters. For example, if you want to advertise only to people in a certain country or people eighteen or older, you can set these parameters first before delving into data from Audience Insights. The Audience Insights tool will provide you with demographic information for who you want to follow you.

From this information, you can deduce if your audience is married or college-educated women, etc. You can also make different ads for different segments of your audience. But you have to make sure your target audience is decently large but as specific as possible. If you’re really interested in setting up a Facebook ad campaign you need a great internet connection. Mediacom Internet offers lightning-fast connectivity that won’t quit on you.

Use Eye-Catching Images

An eye-catching image can do wonders to prevent losing valuable customers. Select bright, clean, high-quality images. Make sure the text is less than 20%, or Facebook will show your ad to fewer people. The image should be relevant to your business and to your target audience.

Put Up a Video

These days it’s all about videos. They’re better than an image as they convey more information. And with Facebook’s autoplay feature, you may get the attention of your audience who otherwise would have gone right past your ad. But your video shouldn’t rely on sound as 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute.

Whether you put up an image or a video, include bright colors and people’s faces. Depicting people using your products lends credibility to your business.

Know What to Say and What Not to Say

Videos and images are fine, but what about the copy? You should have copy that includes three elements – an attention grabber, a phrase or sentence to add value, and a call to action.

If the first phrase or sentence of your copy doesn’t grab the reader’s interest no one will read it.

Questions and statistics can make great attention grabbers. But you also need to add value to your copy by explaining to your audience how they can benefit from clicking on your ad. Your call to action is what you want the reader to do. You can use examples like examples are “learn more,” and “shop now” in your ad copy. And remember, copy that advertises your products will get flagged.

Never Sound like an Ad

Most successful Facebook ads don’t sound like ads. Make users understand the benefits of clicking on your ad. A successful copy will make them understand why it’s beneficial for them to follow your call to action. It should advertise the company’s services using words like “free” and “no strings attached”. Your ad shouldn’t make your audience feel like it’s trying to sell you something, it should just look like a free offer.

A/B Split Testing Will go a Long Way

You can’t get something right the first time. That’s why A/B split testing is vital to running successful Facebook ads! Run several variations of your ad to find out what works. Figure out which elements to test for. The two most common items to test are images and copy. Around 100 people is a good benchmark to go by. Turn off ads that have high costs per click, and narrow it down to the single most effective ad is the only one remaining.

Start with three best images along with three corresponding copies. You should have 9 ads total to test against one another. Let your ads run for at least a few days before you begin the optimizing them. It’s time-consuming, but it’s worth it. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Install Conversion Pixels

Use a tracking pixel on your ads. It is a piece of code that you embed on your website to track conversions and re-market your leads. What it does is fine-tune your target audience and optimize your campaigns by tracking how people interact with your ads and your website. You’ll get information like which ads people clicked on to get to your website, which pages of the website they clicked on, and what type of device they were using making for a more effective ad.

Try Re-targeting

Re-targeting is when you run special ads for the audience which clicked onto your website but didn’t buy anything. It churns up audience which is already aware of your brand as they’ve interacted with it. It makes the user aware you know they’re interested in the product because they’ve seen it before.

Develop Landing Pages

Landing pages are a necessity for successful Facebook ads. These are web pages with a lead capture form to collect your audience’s information so that you can convert more of your visitors into leads while at the same time gathering information about your target audience. When someone clicks on your Facebook ad, make sure you send them to a landing page than directly to your website.

Landing pages should always lead to a thank you page, and be mobile friendly. And, remember be consistent throughout your devices.

A Healthy Budget is a Must

This a no-brainer. Since Facebook is a money-motivated platform you need to have a big budget for your ad campaigns. The more you spend, the more people will see your ads. Your budget will depend on how big your company is, how expensive your products are, how big your target audience is, and what your ROIs are.

A good recommendation is at least $5 a day for successful Facebook ads.

Follow these tips, and you’ll run successful Facebook ads in no time.

Nathan John works as a content editor at Spectrum Hawaii. he previously worked with Frontier internet. He contributes in many online communities and writes about marketing, technology, and business.

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