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From kick-starting your business to help it gather strength with the right promoting tactics, these tasks are daunting for an entrepreneur when he is running short of funds. Then, there are tactics to promote your startup even with a stringent budget. To be candid, the dearth of funds is the best inspiration for innovation and ingenuity. 

According to an article published on https://ppc.org, startup or small business entrepreneurs should prioritize marketing to generate sales by ignoring their hang-ups about it being too exorbitant, as marketer EJ Dalius suggests. Here are some ways to promote your startup on an extremely tight budget: 

Eric J Dalius recommends creating a niche business 

Create a niche business and build credibility without creating a dent in your wallet. You need to explore new opportunities to boost business awareness and let your targeted customers understand your brand and products. You can make the most out of blogs, YouTube videos, webinars, and podcasts because promoting your products on these channels will not cost you any money. 

Video marketing is affordable, targets a larger audience, takes little time to create, and easy to digest compared to long walls of text. You can use explainer videos about your products so that customers understand their features and benefits easily. 

Make your business credible and prove the reliability of your products or services to prospective customers by networking with them and sharing your business skills. Eric Dalius believes that journalists, peers in the industry, and influencers can make your startup popular and look credible to your customers. 

Connect with your customers instead of just selling

Most startup owners fall into the trap of pushing their products or services s well as hard selling them to make big profits. Then, you need to build connections with your targeted audience and engage with them to let them learn more about your startup and its products. You need to leverage social media sites to build customer engagement, which is an indirect marketing form and extremely effective. 

Some of the best ways to build connections and engagement include:

  • Sharing your social media posts
  • Re-tweeting posts
  • Posting comments
  • Starting conversations
  • Asking for product feedback

The above tactics help customers notice your brand and down the line, they will rely on your products or services on offer. Build engagement by offering tips and tricks instead of blowing your trumpet and posting promotional content. 

Participate in events related to your niche business

Make your presence at industry events related to your business and products because it is a great opportunity to get the word out about your startup. Many times, face-to-face business promotion works better for startups compared to email campaigns. The possibilities of networking and meeting people are worth the cost if you co-sponsor an event. 

When you hear about such events, do not miss it and reap the maximum benefits out of them instead. It will help your potential customers learn about your startup in such events. 


Promoting your startup is possible even if you have budget constraints, provided you know the rules of the game. Keep these tips in mind to market your small business. 

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