We don’t need to tell you how important PPC and Content marketing are when it comes to digital marketing strategies.

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Now the question is, what will happen when you merge the two of them? How beneficial will it be for your brand? That’s the reason we have created this list of some of the top advantages of combining PPC and content marketing for your business.

1.   You Can get Better Conversion From High-Quality Content Compared to a Well-Written Ad

It is common for pay-per-click marketers to concentrate solely on the quality of their landing pages and ads. Even though that is definitely important, it isn’t the only thing that’s needed. When you are driving traffic solely for the sake of making a sale, and you don’t consider the intention or reason behind the user going to Google to search a keyword, visitors will likely quickly catch on. They will realize that they’ll not find what they are searching for on your website and click away.

On the other hand, if you drive traffic via PPC to valuable content that’s aimed at answering the question of a user, they’ll most likely stick around.

2.   Boost Your PPC ROI by Building Trust Using Good Content

Anytime users see a pay-per-click ad, they generally know that it is an ad and that a company would want to sell them something. This is not necessarily something bad, but what it means is that there is a level of distrust there, which will make people less likely to click on your advertisement. In most cases, ads don’t really do much when it comes to improving the trust level for your brand from someone who just knew you existed.

Now, what if rather than selling something to your reader right off, you direct the visitor to a piece of content that tells them, “We are aware of what you want and are here to help you.”

If you take the user to a piece of content that positions your company as a top one in your niche, value-packed content will make them visit again for more. This can help develop trust between you and your prospects.

3.   Test Different Types of Content With PPC

If you aren’t sure of the content type that’ll work best for your prospects, testing different pieces using PPC is an excellent idea. Try creating multiple ads that link to various types of content, then see the ones that perform better when it comes to important metrics like conversion rates, engagement, etc.

This is an excellent way of fine-tuning your content strategy and focusing on content types like UGC, blog posts, infographics, and videos that will most likely resonate with your prospects and result in conversions.

4.   You Can Promote Time-Sensitive Content with PPC

If you’ve got time-sensitive content that you’d like to promote, an excellent way of doing it is by using PPC. You can create specific ads that target people searching for the type of info provided in your content and ensure that your ads get to them at the perfect time.

This is specifically important in a number of dynamic niches, such as the stock market or the cryptocurrency investment space, where particular news can drastically affect exchange.

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