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If there is something I have learned from creating websites, is that targeting is absolutely everything. You might find a niche that you think can be profitable. However, if you target the wrong areas of your niche, it can quite literally be all for nothing. With this, it is paramount to the success of a website how you target it in terms of keywords you research.

For the majority of small-time websites, they will naturally ‘target’ through themselves and knowing the niche. However, data is vital, and you should choose your targeting keywords based on data. For example, if you had a website on fixing motorcycles, you might think it is a great idea to write articles about how to change a wheel on a bike and go into crazy details with this. However, by doing some research, you might find that it’s far better to talk about the different types of tires you can get on a motorcycle, rather than how to change it.

Taking this into consideration, here are three great ways I have found to provide quick and easy keyword research to help you gain SEO boosts.


SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRush has a whole suite of great SEO tools to help you improve and understand your website on Google. One of these tools is the Keyword magic tool – this enables you to look at the competition and keyword searches your term (and relevant terms) get in Google.

This is extremely powerful since it will show you what people are searching for and how much competition there is for such search terms.  From this, you can then choose the highly sought keyword search phrases that have the least amount of competition, according to SEMRush.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a great way of showing the demand for a keyword search phrase over time. This is something that could be extremely useful, especially to show if the areas you want to target are increasing in searches or decreasing.

For example, you might want to start a website about a TV series, or Harry Potter. You might think that Harry Potter is not searched for much since the films ended. However, Google Trends says otherwise…


Google Live Suggestions

One of the best and free ways to do keyword research is through doing a simple Google search. What is great about Google is that it shows you what are the most searches live for what you are searching for.

Let’s take an example that you wanted to start a website about how to fix motorcycles. You want to make an article on how to change a motorcycle tire since you feel pretty confident at doing this.

If you were to make an article that targeted simply how to change a motorcycle tire, you’re probably going to do okay, but nothing amazing.

If you utilize Google, you will find the below suggestions:From this, you can see people want to change motorcycle tires with zip ties, or at home, or without pinching the tube, – either way, there’s more information on what you should target your article towards, which will help it much more on Google search results.

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