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Ah, so the sweet summer is here! People are thronging on beaches to bask in the eternal sunshine, fireworks are lightening up the night sky and anglers are having a great time by the lake. Everything is peaceful and everybody is having a great time. Sorry, not everyone has the luxury of lounging on sofas and relish this blissful moment. If you happen to be an online marketer, summer is the season of endless activities. As you are aware of the fact that this is the time people are least concerned about the dwindling economy, war and what not; therefore, they would not mind loosening their purse strings a little to pamper themselves and their loved-ones with luxuries.

Here in this article, we are going to give you some tips that will help you make the most of this amazing summer –

double click

Managing Inventory Has become Easier

With DoubleClick Search, you would not have to get into the dirty job of keeping a close eye on the inventory all the time and then making changes in the ads manually depending on the status of the inventory. Yeah, this was a nerve-wreaking job but thankfully, those days are over. By integrating your product feed into Google Merchant Center, you will be able to do what you do best – expanding the business. All the complexities of updating product ads based on the inventory status will be done automatically by ‘Merchant Center’ and that too without incurring extra cost. Here are some more cool features that you are definitely going to admire:

  • You can use customize ad templates that will auto change the ads based on the product on display. It has been observed that when rich customization is enabled, it results in higher conversion rate.
  • In the Inventory level, you can tie keywords and ads behavior together that will cut down on the competition. For say, there is an option that lets you deactivate ads when a product goes out of stock and reactive the ads when the product is available and all these tasks are being done automatically. Moreover, if you wish you can make changes in the ‘main’ ad copy and all other ads will be updated automatically.

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Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

Managing of Google Shopping Product Listing Ads is definitely one of those challenging things that you need to encounter if you are to make people buy your products. But with DoubleClick Search, you will not have to face such difficulty anymore. It offers a fully integrated solution to running a product listing ad via Merchant Center. Here are some of its features –

  • You can use budget pacing reports available at DoubleClick Search to track different KPIs for PLA campaigns and also track the budget. It also allows you to analyze performance of the PLA campaign. You will get more accurate view of different metrics that will empower you with the ability to make changes in the campaigns to run your campaign more efficiently. Major ecommerce companies, if I am not completely wrong, like ebay, newegg, amazon have been using this amazing platform to finetune their ads and see higher conversion rate. Small start-ups like Vertbaudet, New Look, WDR, bonprix are also using this and it has worked in favor of their marketing campaigns.
  • Bulk upload of products is also available and this feature is certainly going to reduce your work pressure a lot. If you wish to concentrate more on those products that are generating the highest revenue for your company, you can use standard upload sheet workflow option available at “DoubleClick Search”.


Do An A/B testing

Since it is impossible for you to figure out which version of the landing page is going to work best for your campaign this summer, you have left with little option other than doing an A/B testing. And thankfully, DoubleClick Search lets you do an A/B testing without muddling with its immense complexities. Here are the few things that you can do –

With DoubleClick Search, you will be able to split the search traffic coming from different advertising platforms and hopefully, this will help you get a clear view of things. Moreover, there is an option to custom split the paid search traffic which is definitely impressive.

Once the test is complete, you can download historical data from the report section. Analyze them thoroughly and you will be able to figure out which version of your website is delivering the most revenue. Stick to that version and return from your marketing activities will be just awesome.

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