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Gone are the days when businesses could flourish with marketing just on print. This is the era of fast speed internet, with a smartphone in each potential client’s hand. As experts term it, digital marketing is vital today to reach an ample audience in a cost-effective and time saving manner – that too with measurable results. However, to digitally market in the best possible way, businesses need to be updated with the current trends and fads, and advertise based on those fads before their competitors. Both these points: knowing a trend and using it, requires good quality internet. A reliable internet connection is the main component of successful digital marketing. You can have a million dollar idea but if Chang in China uploads it first, he wins.

So, to help you emerge as a successful digital marketing specialist, in this guide we will enlighten you about the best internet providers that deliver high-speed service for online marketers.


Top Internet Providers for Digital Marketing

From DSL to cable, numerous internet options are available in the market to cater to the needs of each and every individual. With the advancement of technology, the preference of marketers is shifting towards the speed of the internet. Whenever you hear about an internet connection, the first thing that comes to your mind is the speed of the connection. Quite rightfully, it does help when you are working under pressure and have to get the work done with a deadline. The higher the speed, the better it is. With greater internet speed, you can seamlessly execute all your clients’ strategies on time and save the day. The advent of fiber-optic lines have made it possible for digital marketers to invest in the fastest connection available in the market.

Honorable Mention

Before we discuss the fiber-optic providers, it is important to mention Charter Spectrum, the second-largest cable provider of the nation that serves millions of households with its internet incredible internet service. Spectrum offers its services across 44 states with the greatest coverage in New York, Texas, and California. Although Charter Spectrum is known for its cable services, the company also offers fiber internet, which is available in more than 5500 zip codes.

The key defining feature that differentiates Spectrum from other providers is its easy-to-understand pricing system. Spectrum Internet prices are highly competitive and the provider offers similar plans at the same price throughout the country. For instance, if you are digital marketing agency based in Florida, the you can easily avail Spectrum Florida services without worrying about any price hikes or poor quality service. Furthermore, Charter Spectrum provides users with a wide variety of packages. They can easily choose the one that blends with their needs and requirements.

What are the benefits of fiber internet to digital marketing agencies?

The biggest benefit of fiber internet is its speed. Marketers can avail download speeds of up to 1GB per second, which is 100 times faster than any other standard internet connection. Fiber internet is ideal for agencies that are on a tight schedule and cannot afford to lose time due to slow internet speeds. With such a fast connection, you can literally download files off the internet within a few seconds, which is quite amazing.

It is worth mentioning the fact that fiber internet is more reliable than DSL, cable, and satellite connections. This is because it uses a passive system to establish connectivity, which does not require power to be applied in the network. Furthermore, the transmission of this connection remains immune to interference because the cables are made of glass. Unlike cable and DSL connections, fiber internet would not let you down in case there is a storm outside. Your connectivity will remain intact, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Many service providers offer a free UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with their fiber connection so that digital marketers do not come across problems when the electricity goes out. This back-up power system ensures that you are connected to the internet all the time.

What are the disadvantages of fiber internet to digital marketing agencies?

Well, fiber internet is expensive. Price is a major concern for most consumers and this is where fiber internet lags. Although the high price is justifiable as service providers have to expand their infrastructure, which requires heavy wiring and a lot of costs, people still consider it a burden on their pockets. Another drawback of fiber internet is its availability. Even though we are surrounded by technology all the time, some areas still do not have access to such high-speed networks. This is probably because installing a fiber-optic network in a new place is a time-consuming process. Especially when people continue to rely on cable and DSL internet, even though fiber internet is available in their region.

The following providers offer the best internet services for digital marketers:

AT&T Internet

AT&T offers internet, voice, and TV services to 21 states in the United States. With its Giga-Power option, AT&T provides fiber internet with speeds that go up to 1GB per second. You can avail this deal for $110 per month for the first 12 months.

The company also offers bundle packages. For instance, the Double Package includes fiber internet with TV service for $120 per month. The Triple Play Package includes fiber internet, TV and voice services, which will cost you $150 per month. These bundle deals are carefully designed for people who wish to avail multiple services at a discounted rate. In the future, AT&T is planning to expand its services to 38 new states, which means fiber internet service will become available to remote areas as well.

Frontier Communications

Under the brand name FiOS, Frontier offers fiber internet packages to more than 25 states in the US. Starting from $39.99, the Double Play FiOS Broadband 50/50 is by far the most popular plan by the company. With this package, users can avail speeds of up to 50 Mbps along with a digital phone. This is perfect for most of your online activities including SEO, PPC, and SMM. Another added point is that this package comes with a 3-year price guarantee policy with no contract. Although the speed is slower than other providers, still you do not have to sign any long-term contract to get Frontier services. Furthermore, Frontier offers 24/7 customer support to its clients so that they never come across any problems and get the most amazing experience.

To avail discounts, you can bundle up your services and get all that you need from a single provider. The FiOS Broadband 50/50 comes with fiber internet along with unlimited voice service. This package is being available at $74.99 per month. However, if you are looking to get all three services, then you can go for the FiOS Broadband 200/200. This particular plan includes internet with Prime HD TV and voice service, and costs $89.99 per month.


CenturyLink is currently offering fiber internet in more than 10 major states of the US. Moreover, the company is expected to expand even further in the upcoming years. Packages for residential services start from $45 per month, which offer speeds up to 10 Mbps. CenturyLink also offers different packages to commercial businesses so that they can take advantage of their high-speed internet as well.

Final Words

Although fiber internet is expensive, its benefits completely outweigh its cost. Get your fiber internet from one of the aforementioned providers because they offer reliable services. Before going through their packages, make sure that you check out the availability in your area via internet near me.

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