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If you believe that as a business owner, you can do everything yourself or have your team tackle a bunch of tasks, you might want to know that the results will not be the ones you would be expecting. Nevertheless, what you should consider doing before making a final decision regarding whether you should outsource SEO or not is learn more about the pros and cons. After that, it will be easier to see for yourself if this option is suitable for your company or not. Keep in mind that search engine optimization is a never-ending task that will always require you to spend resources. How you spend those resources is completely up to you.


Pros of relying on an SEO company

Looking solely for advantages when you don’t know whether it would be a good idea to rely on a team of SEO experts or on your own employees is not a realistic approach. That is due to the fact that you wouldn’t have the whole picture. How could you make an informed decision? You need to learn exactly what you should expect from an SEO agency because as long as you know the challenges, you might also find a way to tackle them (if you want to).

  1. When outsourcing SEO, you leave your SEO needs in the hands of an entire team

This is one of the most amazing advantages associated with the decision to outsource SEO. There is an entire team of SEO professionals that will be handling your search engine optimization needs. Now just imagine how many resources you will free up. Employees that used to spend hours working on tasks related to SEO are now free to help you with other important aspects. At the same time, you are leaving this need in the hands of specialists that offer you a whole different level of expertise. They will be able to tackle all sorts of challenges and help you reach the goals of your organization in the most efficient manner possible.

  1. It’s more affordable

When you do the math, at the end of the day, you realize that a number of employees are busy with SEO related tasks for a number of hours every single working day. Or, if you have someone that you have hired solely for SEO purposes, the costs involved are going to be much higher than if you were to outsource this need. When you compare these two options to leaving your SEO needs in the hands of an SEO agency, you realize that there is a better way of spending your budget. You just have to find the team that you can trust and that can offer you just the advantages that you are looking for.

  1. An SEO agency is well versed in companies from any niches

This means that regardless of the field in which your business operates, the SEO agency should be able to handle your SEO needs so that they can improve your ranking and help you reach all of your other SEO related goals. Being at the top of a search engine results page may be a vanity move in some cases, but being on the first page of search results is a must when it comes to benefiting from the highest level of visibility. There are different keywords that are relevant for each kind of business. Certain tools work better in your case, while for an organization from a whole different domain, the SEO professionals need to opt for a completely different approach.

  1. The SEO agency is responsible for the results delivered

Obviously, if you are the one doing your own SEO, if you manage to reach your goals, it is your success and only yours. If you don’t, it is your failure and only yours. Well, when you decide to outsource SEO, the situation changes. When your website is listed at the top of the first search engine results page, this is your success. However, if the results are not the ones that you are expecting, the failure belongs to the team that you relied on for SEO services. They need to find a way to fix it. After all, you have trusted them with this project. It is their responsibility.

  1. You have more time to focus on growing your business

Just imagine being able to free up so many resources and just take this whole SEO weight off of your shoulders. You know that this aspect of your business is properly handled by a more than capable team of professionals that will deliver on their promises. At this point, nothing else matters regarding SEO. This means that you can now use all of that time to think of new ideas, implementing them and actually growing your business. You can focus on what you and your team know best and, combined with the results provided by the SEO experts, you can take your competitors by storm.


Cons of hiring an SEO agency

This is the part that you need to learn to be able to decide whether outsourcing your SEO needs is worth it or not. There are no situations where you will only benefit from the most amazing advantages and not have to deal with any disadvantages. Now, when it comes to ensuring that you will be able to reach your goals from an SEO point of view, it all depends on the level of expertise and commitment of the people that will handle this part of the business. It’s a complex process that requires constant attention.

  1. You don’t have the same control as with an in-house SEO team

When you decide to handle search engine optimization yourself and hire someone in-house to do it for you, even if you only rely on one specialist, you have more control over what they are doing and their results. When you outsource your needs to an agency, you can’t really know what they are doing. Of course, they will send over regular reports with their progress and give you details regarding the work that they have done, the strategies that they have implemented and so on. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of communication. Tell them your concerns and the right team will find a way to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Choosing the right SEO firm

This is truly a challenge that might require you to test a few companies before you stick with one of them. The good news is that there are SEO agencies willing to offer you access to some sort of boost SEO campaigns that will show you a bit of what they can do. Keep in mind that SEO is not the kind of process that will improve your ranking and help you reach all of your other goals overnight. You have to be patient, have a great SEO team by your side, a good strategy, the best tools and a project manager that will offer you all the support you need regarding the services their agency provides.

  1. The level of transparency might not be what you bargained for

At first, it all might seem perfect. However, after you begin talking about the strategies they employ and their process, the SEO agency that you are interviewing is beginning to close up. They will answer with another question or will simply tell you that their approach is a well-kept secret and they are not willing to share any information with you. If that happens and they only ask you to trust them, you should know that this is a big warning sign. It would be recommended that you don’t invest in their services.

  1. Their attention is divided to multiple clients at the same time

According to Searchenginewatch“it’s very hard to really know a client when you have 20 of them and you’re trying to do it all”. But this is something that you can also have control over – by doing a lot of research before deciding on the SEO agency you trust to outsource SEO. You don’t have to rely solely on one person, but an entire SEO team. They will assign a project manager that will know this project inside out and will represent the agency whenever you need to talk about your SEO needs.



It may seem like no one is going to know your business better than you do and that is perfectly fine. You don’t need them to. What you need SEO experts to do is use their expertise and skills to help you benefit from the level of visibility that will get your business to the top. You need them to handle this complex process and deliver the results they promised. It will take some time until you establish a workflow, but once that happens, you will not want to go back to handling your own SEO. It is too time-consuming, challenging and frustrating to do it all yourself. Why put yourself through it when you could simply outsource your SEO needs?

I am the co-founder and CEO of Gamit SEO. The main purpose of the agency is to provide first page results for its clients through comprehensive analysis and implementation of 20 different techniques. I am a specialized SEO strategist, with 13 years of experience in the SEO industry. I started working in SEO while I was still in University, studying computer engineering and automated software.

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