If only we could tell the future… well, that’s getting a bit carried away, but something as simple as getting an idea on what your web site’s next PageRank update might be would be cool enough. There is a cool and fun web site at SEOMastering.com that provides an actual PageRank predictor tool.

It would be amazing if it were accurate and true, but there are many reasons to doubt the actual legitimacy of the tool. To explain how the tool works, you can read the text below that is taken directly from their site.

This Google Pagerank prediction tool will predict your website’s future Page Rank based on the quality and quantity of backlinks. Note, PR predictor will provide an estimation of the future Google PageRank and should not be considered exact.

Really, it is not the Google Pagerank prediction this is detecting of Real PR. There is no secret that Google shows not real pr. Current PR is usually lower than must be. It could be because your site is young or you are selling links. You can also violate some google rules without knowing about existence of these norms. Therefore, generally, Real PR must be higher than current pagerank on your google toolbar. Our Pagerank prediction tool shows Real PR without any Google’s reducing factors.

Putting the Google PageRank Predictor Tool to the Test

What better way to know if the tool works correctly, then to put it to the test. PPC.org currently has a PageRank of 4/10, and the tool predicts that we will end up with a PR of 6.12/10 during the next update. Today’s date is 4/10/12 and we will update and verify the numbers when the next Google PageRank takes place.

Be sure to check out the tool and run a prediction for the future Google PageRank of your site! Be sure to check out our post on the upcoming Google PageRank updates.

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