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Starting a new web site is one of the most exciting things you can do. Right when you register your new domain name, all the way through creating content, all you are thinking about is the long term growth and benefits of what your site will soon become. Then comes your back link building campaigns and bringing in powerful link juice flowing to your site, but how aggressively should you be in your link building efforts? Can your extreme link building actually hurt you web site rankings in the end? I recently had the chance to interview Alex Pyatetsky from TheHoth, about some of the frequency asked questions in the SEO world, and how important the different methods of link building are for web sites.

What are the potential drawbacks to running an aggressive backlink campaign for a few months, then abruptly stopping?

Its not natural for sites to go from raging popularity (e.g. tons of links coming in) to total obscurity (e.g. no links coming in).

If this happens, your rankings may slip. Operative word: may.
Are you guaranteed to get penalized if you stop building links?
Do you have to keep building links at the same rate forever?
No, not necessarily.
If you build links to a page on a generally authoritative site over a few months instead of a few days, you’ll probably be in pretty good shape for the long term.
I’ve experimented with building links very quickly as well. A ton of links in a day or two makes your new page look like a news article with immediate, but not long term value. It can often rank very high very quickly, and then suddenly fall several pages to a more appropriate long-term ranking.
Likewise, if some of the links you get during your highly aggressive period are really solid authoritative ones, they will back up the others and your rankings may endure for a long time. I have a site that dominates for an entire product line worth of popular search terms that hasn’t had any links built to it almost for 18 months.
Here is one of the inalienable truths of SEO – If you’re competing for desirable terms and you stop building links for them, your rankings will fall sooner or later. Sometimes they’ll endure impressively long, but don’t be surprised if and when it happens. On the flip side, if you’re busy building authority to your site, putting up useful content, getting links back to it, etc., your rankings for individual pages will endure much longer.
Regardless, if you stop competing for a term, expect to be outcompeted by someone who wants it more eventually.

Link building isn’t fun, and it’s even worse when it’s done the wrong way. To discover more secrets of link building and search rankings, visit TheHoth, and see how you can start your own aggressive link building package. Trial link building packages start at just $60, Results package (five times more links) are also available for $200.

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