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PPC advertising is one of the most popular methods in online marketing and one of its strengths is the immediate achievement of objectives which in this case would receive visits from relevant traffic through search engines.

Another strong point of the PPC campaigns is that they can be configured so that visits to the website arrive through the keywords selected in the creation of the campaign. This means that if the website sells watches, you would receive visits from internet users who have written the word “clocks” in the search engine.

Depending on the bids and the quality of the ad, it may appear in different positions within the search results. In Google, for example, these ads appear at the top and bottom of the results and can be distinguished by the red icon that indicates that it is a sponsored link.

The pioneers in the PPC campaigns were the founders of Google, revolutionizing online advertising, leaving advertising on banners in the background. Another advantage is that it only means a cost for each user action which translates into paying for each unique visitor that the website receives within the campaign activity. One of the best known PPC advertising services is Google Adwords, the forerunners of this type of online marketing service.

Perhaps the only weak point would be the economic cost since PPC advertising pays for each visit on the website.

Where can PPC campaigns be done?

The main platforms where we can run this type of PPC campaigns are the search engines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can also create PPC advertising campaigns on social networks like Facebook.

It is advisable that the campaigns are carried out by agencies or companies specializing in online marketing and communication, as in some cases, a badly planned campaign can be negative at an economic level. Therefore, it is necessary to create a plan in which parameters as important as the return on investment are obtained.

Recall that online advertising campaigns are planned to offer a benefit, usually through sales of products or services by attracting new customers for the business in question.

PPC advertising is highly recommended for web pages, blogs or online stores that start on the Internet. This is because there are few visits in the so-called organic or natural searches from the main search engines during the first few months. In this sense, we must bear in mind that one of the most traffic generated is that of Google.

The importance of PPC campaigns lies in the rapid achievement of objectives. When they are active, the web page or online store starts receiving visits immediately if all the parameters of the campaign have been configured correctly.

When planning an online marketing strategy that includes PPC advertising, it is very important to have the collaboration of experts in the field, who know the operation of this type of techniques and have the necessary training to manage, edit and optimize PPC campaigns. Your web pages should be optimized. This can be achieved by contacting top web development companies for your web development projects.

Advantages in a PPC campaign

As with the SEO positioning, the importance of defining and establishing goals for the PPC campaign is fundamental when establishing the strategy and it is possible that it could be an annoying and tedious task. Defining your goal must take the benefits offered by the campaigns into account.

Setting goals can be a laborious task, so before analyzing how this should be done, we will take a look at the key benefits of the PPC to see why it is worth the effort.

Relevance: Providing answers to the multitude of questions asked daily is not possible and fortunately is not necessary either. The relationship between sellers, search engines and users has taken an interesting turn. People see search engines as a tool to solve problems, and digital marketing professionals, act as the generators of relevant solutions to their queries at the right time. PPC has to do with relevance: it allows us to reach the right people (those who are interested), finds search queries related to our businesses and find ways to solve the customer’s problem.

Synchronization: PPC allows us to reach users at the right time, which is essential. You need to be insightful in understanding the search intentions of the users. For example, associating a 24-hour locksmith with someone looking to repair a broken lock at 9:00 PM would provide an excellent response for that user while dramatically increasing the conversion potential.

Qualified users: When users search for specific services or products, they are 50% of the way to making a purchase. Hence the importance of using words that are specific and related to the product. It is not a good idea to use very general words or specific marks other than the goods and services of your company or words related to substitute products.

Cost-effectiveness: One of the great advantages of search marketing that have the PPC model is you only pay while the ads receive clicks. Unlike other models where it is charged for the times an ad is displayed regardless of whether the customers saw it or gave it a click. Although there may be cases where unclassified customers click on the ad and were not really potential buyers, it’s still a low-cost model. Even if users do not click on the ad, it will still have high brand recognition and you did not have to pay a dime for it. To maximize performance, make sure your ad delivers what it promises and the message is clear. Users are smart and will quickly leave your site if they discover that you cannot offer the service they need.

Control: Ultimately, being able to control every aspect of your advertising campaign is the biggest advantage PPC can offer. You can make decisions such as:

• How much to spend?
• What do you want to show for the campaign?
• How often and at what times of the day will your ad appear?

Your goal as an advertiser is to appear first or at least within the first three ad results that are displayed at the top of the page. This can be achieved by contacting top PPC experts who have the experience to get you there.

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