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If you have been trying to keep up to date with all the news in search engines, you will know that Google are weeks Why The Google 'Buy' Button Is A Good Ideaaway from releasing their own ‘Buy’ button to put on selected mobile search engine results. There are many retailers that are backing the new innovation by Google as it will make buying products and services online that bit easier (which could potentially help return more sales in the long term). However, there are also some people that say this will give Google access to valuable sales data from different retailers and also hinder the relationship between the retailer and the consumer. I guess everyone has, and is entitled, to their opinion – so here is mine. Here is why I think the Google ‘Buy’ button is a good idea for the search engine, retailers and consumers.



Google Not A Middle Man Any more

Before this ‘Buy’ button idea, Google was, in essence, just a search engine. Web users would search for something using the search engine and if they saw a link or product that they were interested in, they would click onto it to view the landing page of that product. The new button introduced the idea that the web user does not have to visit the landing page to convert for the retailer. Instead, the button will allow the web user to buy the product without leaving Google’s search engine making it easier and much quicker to buy anything online. Remember that the attention span of web users online is very short. Therefore, any chance to reduce the time consumed in buying a product is a welcoming sign for shoppers online.



It Is Still Pay Per Click

The most exciting aspect to the ‘Buy’ button for retailers is that Google will not charge the retailer on a successful sale a percentage of that sale (unlike what affiliates do). Instead, retailers will be charged exactly the same way as PPC is charged – per click. This will make many retailers like the idea that they do not have a variable charge dependent on what the web user is buying. Instead, it is just a price for a click on the ‘Buy’ button that will be controlled by the retailer (and the competition too I guess).



Competition Is Healthy

More importantly, there needs to be more competition for one click buys online. As it stands, Amazon and eBay both have one click buys on their websites which has turned out to be quite a success. For other retailers, they may not have the facilities, time or resources to do the same. However, with the backing of Google, it will make it possible for just about any online retailer to compete against Amazon and eBay’s one click purchase and delivery. More competition means better deals and a better user experience for web users.

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