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It has been a while since the last round up of the best articles on PPC.org with the last one being based around the articles in Some Useful PPC Articles From September 2014August. With a wide selection of articles to read from the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series to errors in PPC and ways to improve a campaign, you are sure to find at least one or two articles useful to you from the selection I chose as some useful PPC articles from September 2014.


Two Questions Answered About Pay Per Click Advertising

As an advertiser, you should always be wanting to know and find out more information in PPC. If you don’t then how do you expect your campaign to improve? In this article, I answer two quite specific questions being ‘What is the best landing page to use?’ and ‘How do you perform research on your market and your competitors?’



Analyse A Real PPC Campaign Series

Of course, like with every month, there have been a great selection of campaigns analysed in this series that are listed below:

  • Fitbug – Fitbug used a normal search advert which may have been the wrong choice and also had a rather disappointing and bland landing page.
  • Ralph Lauren – Considering the type of clothes brand Ralph Lauren are, you should not be surprised that both their PPC advert and landing page are both well optimised.
  • Gillette – Gillette adopted a search advert similar to Fitbug when compared to other sponsored results. However, their landing was better but had areas it could improve.
  • Android Wear – With smart watches becoming the ‘in’ thing at the moment, it was interesting to see the type of PPC campaign Google made to promote their own operating system.
  • Tesco vs Sainsbury’s – Here is a comparison between two supermarket PPC search adverts to see how they competed against each other. Both had the positives and negatives with a concluding winner at the end of the article.

That’s it for the series in September. There’s a lot of articles so be sure to read one or two of the above that interests you.


What are the Best Ad Extensions to Use?

Ad extensions are a great way of improving your search advert since they supply more information to the web user or provide more paths of access to the website. For this reason, here is a summary of the ad extensions and with what ones you should use in your campaign (if you can).


3 Errors Advertisers Make In PPC

Everyone learns. However, we learn better from our mistakes. For this reason, here are three extremely bad mistakes advertisers continually make in PPC campaigns that will seriously hinder performance. Make sure you are not doing these mistakes!


There’s the top eight articles I believe I created in September 2014 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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