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It’s a wide known fact that the number of computer desktops are decreasing and even the number of laptops. The truth is that Why You Should Start Concentrating On Mobile PPCmobiles and tablets are becoming very popular mainly because of their portability and touch screen interfaces. For this reason, mobile PPC is growing exponentially. Therefore, it has never been a better time to start concentrating on producing mobile pay per click advertising campaigns. Here are some reasons why you should start concentrating on mobile PPC a bit more.



The Market is Growing

The main reason you should start going into mobile PPC is because the reach your campaign can get is growing larger and larger. Yes, five years ago, it was normal to search on Google using laptops and desktop PCs. However, technology changes. Nowadays, when people want to search for anything on Google, they will use their phone, their tablets, even their Android Wear smart watch or Google Glass! But, inparticularly, mobiles and tablets are becoming by far the best way to interact with Google’s search engine – do not miss out on this audience of users.



Mobile Campaigns Are Interactive

A great thing about mobile campaigns is that they enable the web user to be much more interactive with the PPC search advert. Just from searching for something on a mobile device using Google, you can find directions to a location, ring a number, interact socially and more. The limits of what PPC can do on mobile devices is far greater than that on laptops and desktop PCs.



The only real downside of mobile PPC is that the landing page’s are not as indulgent as they would be on a larger screen (and on a device that has Flash available). For this reason, you will usually find that a conversion in mobile PPC will be linked heavily to the ad extensions implemented in the search advert. This makes it clear that if you need to have a more detailed landing page with the use of elements that mobile PPC just cannot incorporate into a campaign, you will be limited to using normal PPC for laptops and desktop PCs. However, this is not a reason to not use mobile PPC. It is constantly expanding so try it out if you haven’t already before!

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