A few weeks ago, I was contacted about a new platform called Ezoic. Usually when I get people contact me about new products and platforms, I just wash it aside since they are mostly automated messages to me from something such as a robot. However, this one was different. It sounded like a person had wrote it and included my name and my website’s name (AskWillOnline.com) in the email. For this reason, I decided to give Ezoic a go. I know exactly what you are thinking, though, ‘what is Ezoic?’ Well, hopefully I will be able to give a fairly informative review of Ezoic in this article.


To sum up Ezoic, they are a website improvement platform that has the aim of making your website earn more money through advertising. This sounds like a brilliant idea considering many bloggers spend lots of time concentrating on their content but very little on the ad spaces, sizes, colours and locations on their website.

What Ezoic do is try out different advertising locations, sizes and more dependent on the type of traffic that is coming to your website. For example, if you entered from Google, you may see 3 adverts whereas direct traffic may only see 1 or 2 adverts in different locations to the previous time they saw them. All in all, it sounds a great way to increase the click through rate of a website.


However, with any new problem, I wanted to get a review of Ezoic from someone else. The problem is that there is not one website that has reviewed them yet. That’s strange? I guess they must be very new … or a scam.

My doubts were dismayed when I found out that Ezoic is an Adsense partner: although the only websites to share this news are small discrete websites and Ezoic themselves. That is strange still since being an Adsense partner is definitely a big thing to hype about!


Nevertheless, I decided to sign up for Ezoic. At first, they wanted me to install some coding onto my website so they can monitor the traffic and stats of my website. This seemed all normal as it something Google Analytics does.

Ezoic ReviewI have to say from this dashboard it looks all legit. However, the problem I found with Ezoic is that for them to really work their wonders, they require you to point your website’s servers to Ezoic’s servers, so that they can manipulate with the website to try out different layouts etc. I can come up with a few reasons why bloggers may not want to do this, though:

  • Changing servers for a website is a delicate process that could mess up the whole website – its dangerous to give some random platform access to your servers.
  • It takes time to change the servers
  • They don’t seem completely legit for the simple reason that they are not widely known by Adsense publishers.

All in all, Ezoic sounds like a great great idea. However, I think they need to seriously work on building their brand confidence before they can really kick off and start getting Adsense publishers to start using them because at the moment it just seems an unnecessary risk.

If you are interested in signing up with Ezoic, you can do so by clicking here.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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