Not only is dating one of the hottest niches to make money with using affiliate marketing and ppc advertising, it’s also expected to grow to a massive $2.4 billion industry by the year 2015. If this isn’t enough reason alone for you to promote online dating offers, I don’t know what is. Even being able to grab just the smallest fraction of business in online dating still totals a huge payout for affiliates and online marketers.

In previous articles we covered how you can target the right audience for your dating ad campaigns, while also using landing pages that continually stand the test of time and convert based on the audience you are going after.

After looking at the actual ad spend of three of the top dating companies in the space today it makes you wonder if there is anywhere left to advertise?

Of course there is… and here’s why!

  • Someone is always going to be single
  • There is always some getting old enough to date every day
  • Relationships don’t last like they used to
  • More and more people are using the web to match make

In addition to the statements above, there is another market that is somewhat untapped from the “affiliate marketing” perspective, and that is the adult industry. is a new tool that is making the awareness of dating and adult advertising clear. As online marketers we need to learn that it’s not about where advertising is taking place, as long as the advertising is sent to the right audience.

Adult Ad Spy

The concept behind their software is to allow anyone to search out adult related traffic and get an idea on the type of ads that are currently running and how to display their own advertising. From their previous experience, AdultAdSpy has been reporting great success in the dating offers niche.

Features Offered by AdultAdSpy

  • International Ads! Advertising awareness in over 23 countries (Soon to be 50+!!)
  • Search by Offer – We show you how your competitors advertise
  • Search by Traffic Source – Web or Mobile traffic. We index all adult sources
  • Search by Landing Page – View all ads of an individual competitor
  • Search by Publisher – We show you exact ad placements
  • Mobile Advertising – View entire mobile campaigns
  • Web Advertising – Gain intel on web advertising campaigns
  • Top Performing Ads – View the best performing ads with a click of a button
  • Extreme Detail – No holds, no barriers! We show everything
  • Different Ad Sizes – View ads in the most common and odd sizes
  • Individual Ad Types – Flash Ads, Web Ads, Mobile Ads.. everything

If you would like to see what AdultAdSpy has to offer, you cansign up for a 3 day trial for the price of $9.95 or sign up for the professional membership which runs $197.95 per month.

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