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As a blogger, one of the main and most important statistics of a website will be the amount of visitors and pageviews your website gets per month or day. At its most basic What Is The Best Traffic Source Out Thereform, the more the better. However, another important statistic associated with traffic is where that traffic has come from to reach your website. If you get millions of views a month without having put much effort into the website, you can probably guess the traffic will not be that high a quality. Whereas, a website with 100 views a day may gain much better traffic quality if it is getting it from the right sources. Basically, the point I am trying to make is that it is not always about quantity in website statistics – quality matters too.


So if you have recently started up your own website, you are probably thinking where to gain traffic from. By a simple search of ‘traffic sources to websites‘, you will most likely see thousands of articles that each reiterate what traffic sources your website can have. However, none of them will tell you which one will provide the best quality and which one you should target. For this reason, here are the main traffic sources with descriptions to how high a quality the traffic is associated with each of them.

  • Email Marketing (Medium/Low Quality) – It is true that to perform email marketing, the person would have shown enough interest in your website to sign up for the email marketing. However, the problem with email marketing is that the people that see your email are returning visitors to your website. Most people will probably not read your email and those that do will not spend long on your website because they do not need to browse through it: they have already visited it potentially numerous amounts of times.
  • Social Media Traffic (Medium Quality) – Social media traffic can be deemed contextual to some extent. At the end of the day, someone is interested in your website and will tweet/share it. The chances are that the people following or are friends with that person will share similar interests, potentially resulting in that person visiting your website. However, you cannot guarantee high quality traffic from social media which makes it, on average, medium quality.
  • Organic Traffic (High Quality) – When it comes to quality of traffic, SEO/organic traffic cannot be beaten. This is because search engines work by showing articles relating to what the web user has searched. So, if the web user has searched for something similar to your article, they will see it, click it and be interested in your website. The most successful websites on the internet right now will have their main traffic source as organic.

Of course, there is PPC and paid forms of traffic. However, this article was more to look into the free-to-use forms for bloggers and website owners that want to gain consistent amount of high quality traffic in the long run for free. Yes, PPC is also high quality. However, when comparing the costs to SEO, the vast majority will consequently choose the cheaper/free option.

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