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It’s always interesting to see what Google has in the works in the world of link building and search results.

With Panda and Penguin wiping out a ton of online businesses and their ranking, we are always at the risk of our business and web sites if we are truly relying only on Google for traffic.

Google Panda UpdateIn my featured article today on Search Engine Journal I wrote about how Interflora was wiped from the search engines for sending out a ton of flowers for free to bloggers and getting a bunch of links pointing back to their site.

Many people are still completely surprised by this action as the links weren’t paid for, but Google says they should have been “nofollow”.

In other exciting news, John Rampton reports that the next Google Panda update is right around the corner. Compared to other updates which seem to happen on a consistent basis, this update is expected to be a big one and Google is apparently taking down two larger link building networks.

With Google as active as ever, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out and if Google starts to act upon all of the guest blogging (paid links) that have been going on lately.

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