Google has put together a Webinar today at 9am explaining how you can reach your goals with Google Analytics. This should be a killer Webinar to watch for all of you that are new to the Google Analytics world.  This is looking to be a beginners guide to dive deep into the back end and know how to work everything.  If you are struggling with understanding you Google Analytics account or you feel that something is set up wrong this will be a good one to watch.


Webinar: Reaching Your Goals with Analytics
Date: Thursday, December 1
Time: 11am PST / 2pm EST
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During the Webinar, Google will cover the following issues:

  • Key questions to ask for richer insights from your data
  • How to define “success” (for websites, visitors, or campaigns)
  • How to set up and use Goals
  • How to set up and use Ecommerce (for websites with a shopping cart)
  • How to link AdWords to your Google Analytics account

This webinar will be led by Joe Larkin, a technical specialist on the Google Analytics team, and it’s designed for intermediate users of Google Analytics. If you’re comfortable with the basics, but you’d like to do more with your data, then we hope you’ll join Google on Thursday at 11am PST!

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