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Yesterday I wrote a post about the Top 10 Valentines Day PPC Search Terms that you should really check out if you’re looking to sell your products using PPC during the Valentines Day holiday season.  They will help you to know what people are searching for during the second biggest gift giving holiday season out there.

Below are some of the best tips that I have come across for optimizing your PPC ads. These tips are from :

    1. Be Specific with Locations: Geo-target ads regionally and use dynamic text… so a searcher in Cardiff knows cupid’s arrow can land on their doorstep, not a 2 hour train journey away! (Try targeting your ads in different demographic locations, this will help you narrow down what parts of your local area will work the best. Use this information for all major holidays.)
    2. Inspire Confidence in Searchers: If you have tens of thousands of members, mention that you have “tens of thousands of genuine singles”.
    3. Include Seasonal References: Affirm what the searcher is looking for, for example, “New year, new love” and “Find Valentine’s Love” work better than “Online Dating Site”.
    4. Use dynamic text: Increase your chances of highly relevant ads by using dynamic text in your ad titles, so a user searching for “London singles” will see your ad that had been set up as “Find {keyword}”… they’ll see it in their results as “Find London Singles”.
    5. Calls to Action: Encourage searchers to “Join the fun” or “Find love”.
    6. Brand Your Ads: Make sure you include the brand name within the ad copy. If you are advertising offline or running a display campaign the brand recognition will encourage clicks.
    7. Include Your Promotion Info: If you have an offer, such as 30-days free membership, make sure to say so in your ad copy. (Because you’ll get busted and banned if you don’t!)

These tips are straight from Microsoft.  You can find other great Holiday PPC Tips here.

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