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Creating Online Stores with XML and CSV FeedsIt’s common knowledge that the more content you have on your web site, the more people are going to browse through your site and you will also likely have more search rankings in the process. Just think about the billions of products that Amazon has on their web site and the billions of listings they have in the search results. It’s quite amazing, but the same holds true for many other online stores with multiple products of their own.

Online marketers can take advantage of online stores and individual products by building niche sites and review blogs around specific products and services on the internet. This is a great idea, but what if you want focus on partnering up with a specific brand or online merchant that offers an XML, CSV or datafeed for you to access all of their products and list them on your site? This sounds like a great option, but it’s way too confusing for many online marketers to understand or even know where to start to setup.

Using XML & CSV to Import Products into Your Site

Fortunately there is an easy to use WordPress XML & CSV Import Plugin that allows you to install onto your WordPress site, then sync up with any of the major ad networks that are offering datafeeds for their affiliates. Just a few of these networks include; CommissionJunction, Shopping Warehouse, RegNow, oneNetworkDirect, LinkShare, ShareASale,, Google Affiliate Network, AffiliateWindow, MarketHealth, ClickBank, PepperJam, Webgains, AffiliateFuture, Affilinet , Zanox,  AvantLink and any other networks, that offer valid XML/CSV datafeeds.

Instead of having to visit your favorite affiliate program and looking at each of the products they have for sale on their site, then manually adding them to your blog and writing up an article for each, through the use of the WP All Import plugin you can have thousands of commission generating links built right into your site like they are your very own content.

While this may sound a bit complicated to the average user, it’s actually quite easy to setup and the video below will walk you through the whole process in just a few minutes time.

You can see an live example of a site created with WP All Import below.

WP All Import Example Sites

You have an Online Store, Now What?

Once you create a site and have thousands of products listed in your store, it’s not a quick one step solution. The next thing you are going to need to focus on is creating some original and high quality content for your site that will help you rank in the search results. You can take a look at the demo sites that were created by WP All Import and see the many different options you have available. It’s not just shopping and product based sites that you can build with the plugin, but also local directories, content sites and much more.

The best way to start building links to your store is by writing engaging content and articles based around the content with your store. Reviews and coupons do extremely well and people are searching for these types of long tail keywords all the time.

The WP All Import plugin is available for premium download at a rate of $99 and allows you to use it on an unlimited amount of sites.

Try it out –

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