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When you mention online advertising to an advertiser, the first words that will come into their head will most probably be ‘PPC‘, ‘AdWords‘ or something related to either of them keywords. The thing is is that PPC is amazing at advertising online. However, there are alternatives. This can be banner advertisement, email marketing, in-text advertising and more. No-one really understands that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be just as if not more effective than the more traditional forms of online advertisement.  With Twitter recently introducing advertising into their social media site, it is one of the best times to use Twitter to advertise. However, how does it weigh up against PPC? This is Twitter vs PPC.


Below I have made two headings being ‘Twitter’ and ‘PPC’. Each heading refers to the benefits of that form of advertising.



Twitter, a social media site and also considered a form of micro-blogging, let’s users send out statuses in less or equal to 140 characters. What makes Twitter special is that you can follow anyone and anyone can follow you. You can keep up to date with the things in life you care most about:

  • From an advertising perspective, it is a dream come true. The audience you can advertise to is huge. Last year, Twitter announced around 350 million accounts activated with around 460,000 accounts activating every day. You are not short of an target audience!
  • It is not an obvious form of advertising. For example, an advert in PPC from a reader’s perspective looks like an advert. However,  Twitter helps you disguise your adverts so they look more natural. This will increase your conversion rate dramatically.


With Google AdWords leading this form of advertisement, PPC has grown to be a multi-billion dollar market for advertisers and publishers alike. What attracts advertisers to PPC is that you only pay for the success you get being clicks unlike banner advertising. It has truly revolutionised online advertising.

  • Google has hit the spot with AdWords. Used by hundreds of millions, this PPC program is exactly what advertisers want making it extremely easy to advertise online. Anyone can start advertising within 5 minutes!
  • It is the most used advertising currently online. From this, hundreds of millions of people can’t be getting their preferred advertising type wrong, can they? Sometimes, it’s best to go with the flow.
After reading this, what type of online advertising are you going to do? Each type has it’s pros making it better than the other. However, from my opinion, I believe you should go with the advertising form you are comfortable with. If you feel your out of your comfort zone, you will become an inefficient advertiser. Stay in your comfort zone when picking your preferred advertising type.

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