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We all know how easy it is to create websites using WordPress only. One of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress functions well for both personal as well as business purpose. However, creating a website is one thing but running it completely another, especially if your website is prone to receive a lot of visitors, things can get pretty intense.

Running a website on your part requires you to perform a number of activities on a daily basis in order not to lose your audience, activities such as generating content on a regular basis, managing social media networks, keeping up with the comments, email marketing and on and on it goes.

A few years back, all these mundane tasks had to be performed manually but thanks to the plethora of tools and plugins WordPress has in its armoury, you can easily let your WordPress site do all the hard work in a matter of minutes and save you precious time and effort to concentrate on other imperative aspects to help boost productivity and efficiency.

Automatic Post Scheduler

In order to have a successful website, you need to plan and schedule all your content way ahead of time. Unfortunately, it often leads to missing out on important updates as the dates had to be set manually, but with the help of Automatic Post Scheduler, all you need to worry about is creating some great content for your website as this plugin automatically schedules all your draft posts for you leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Revive Old Post

How would you feel if you have been given a chance to automatically share your old blog posts on social media and generate traffic from it? I know I would be happy. Well, Revive Old Post does exactly that for you. This plugin not only keeps your old posts alive by sharing them on regular intervals on social media automatically but also lets you use hashtags to focus on relevant topics. Plus, its free of cost. What more could you want?

Snapshot Pro

Snapshot Pro is a quality backup plugin that helps preserve your website’s content outside of WordPress just in case you need to restore the last saved version of your site for any reason. Yes, your database isn’t the only thing that needs backing up. To do it right, first install Automate, a backup tool that lets you save a backup of your site prior to any updates. Then, you can use Snapchat Pro for more regular and predictable backups.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is, first of all, a freemium product which provides a perfect solution for those small and mid-sized companies that cannot afford an enterprise-level A/B testing solution. And secondly, it’s built on top of Google Analytics which further lets you provide a personalized user experience by delivering useful and relevant content tailored to visitors’ online behavior and demographics.


Both are powerfully automated WordPress plugins that assist you in including a signup form to submit email addresses and personal information by people. These tools further use the emails for marketing purpose such as sending them a promotion or gift and setting up an autoresponder in order to stay in touch with your current and potential customers on a weekly or monthly basis, thus helps grab customers and bring them back to your website.

Akismet/Antispam Bee

I understand how important it is to interact with your community but sorting out spams from the comments on a daily basis can take a toll on almost anyone. The more popular your website, the higher the activity of spambots who posts up to tens of times each day. It often times lead to missing out on actual comments by genuine visitors. But these plugins can easily filter off all the spammy comments, leaving you with quality comments only.


Tracking down e-commerce transactions, file downloads, form submissions and other such things requires implementing extra codes for Google Analytics for which you either need to be a programming expert yourself or work in collaboration with a company offering WordPress web design services. MonsterInsights plugin lets you easily set up Google Analytics on WordPress site without you working on a single line of tracking code.

WordPress to Twitter

We all know how Twitter, over the recent years have turned out to be one of the best social sharing platforms for blog post sharing. It only seems reasonable to incorporate this plugin in your WordPress site in order to automate this social media marketing task. It will not only post a Twitter update whenever you add a link or update a blog but will also send published posts automatically to your Twitter profile whenever your post goes live.


With the help of right automation tools and plugins as the ones mentioned above, it’s just a matter of minutes (until installation) before you start saving precious time to be utilized doing only the things that matter most to your business.

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