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Search engines play an extremely crucial part in bringing organic traffic, leads, and customers for any website. A high-ranking page can easily pull in thousands of visitors at any given date. And that’s why site owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their website’s SEO rankings.

However, for WordPress site owners, SEO optimization comes easy due to the fact that WordPress is currently the most powerful Content Management System available in the market that powers millions of websites worldwide and also because of the availability of some of the best SEO plugins that have, till now, helped millions of webmasters optimize their WordPress sites and, as a result, rank better in search results.

So, when it comes to WordPress SEO plugins, the most preferred choice has always been Yoast SEO which is a reasonable choice as well, since Yoast offers a wide range of features all essential (and free of cost) for proper WordPress SEO optimization which collectively can outperform any other SEO plugin present in the market.

Well, it might be that Yoast is the best WordPress plugin for SEO as claimed by many but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other high-quality alternatives available. In this article, we will do exactly the same, present to you some of those other viable options and show that the world of SEO exists far beyond the realm of Yoast.

All in One SEO Pack

The first one in our list is (yes, you guessed it right) All in One SEO Pack. After Yoast, it is currently the second most comprehensive SEO plugin for individual posts and pages optimizations which work right out of the box, easy to use even for beginners and has advanced features and an API for developers. Also, it can be upgraded from free to the premium version for added premium support.


SEOpressor, unlike other plugins, works in complete accordance with the latest algorithm trends recently launched by Google. It also sports some amazing SEO features such as monitoring keyword SEO score, checking over-optimization of working SEO tips, calculating site’s semantic quality through LSI keywords, adding links and keywords automatically and having complete authority over the crawlers navigating your site.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is the perfect combination of both versatility and data flexibility at the same time. And like it’s counterparts, SEO Ultimate too holds a few tricks up its sleeves that allows it to add code to the header, footer, before and after the content area, edit title tags, optimize social media, monitor 404 errors, set up keywords that automatically generate internal links, rich snippets and much much more.

The SEO Framework

This plugin provides a reliable SEO solution for both experts and entry-levels. Its codes use flexible, object and temporary caching to help reduce the page load time. And thanks to its unbranding, the tools you use to make the website remain anonymous to everyone else. Even the annoying advertisements that you see everywhere are forbidden here. And though it includes hidden HTML comments, it can easily be deactivated using a filter or extension.

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO pack is another one of the well-known SEO plugins that come with some of the coolest SEO features such as image optimization, social sharing and SERP tracking. This comprehensive, high-quality plugin not only lets you add your site to different website directories but also allows you to monitor page speed and the markup of your posts, pages etc along with automatically updating all images with appropriate Title and ALT attributes.

SEO by Squirrly

SEO Squirrly is a free WordPress plugin designed to help you create high-quality SEO friendly content. With the help of audit website (an excellent SEO tool) that accompanies it, you can easily improve your SEO statistics and can even send the reports containing areas that need improvement to your content writer or SEO team via email. Another plus point is that this plugin is highly compatible with almost every plugin and theme in use today.

Final Thoughts

Now, I am not up against Yoast SEO plugin or any such thing (in case you get that idea) but all I want you to remember is that there are plenty of viable options available out there besides Yoast that come with their own sets of twists.

The ones mentioned above are highly effective when it comes to SEO optimization and are always willing to go an extra mile to ensure that you are compliant with Google’s SEO standards. So, which one you want to try first?

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