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Social media nowadays is not just a platform for socializing (yes, posting statuses, sharing good pictures that make you look cool or being witty is all part of socializing) but has turned out to be one of the biggest marketing strategies so far for brand awareness. Unfortunately, just posting day in and day out hoping to see the followers pouring in is never going to work. You might hear a pop-up sound here or there but mostly it’s just the crickets singing.

In order to enhance engagement of users on social media, one has to plan strategically from what type of content to post that can draw most user engagement to when to post along with how to use advertising effectively in between. No wonder ecommerce web development firms are constantly on the look out for strategies to increase social media engagement for their client companies.

Since the future of your overall business may depend on it, here we present to you some of the top strategies to engage users on social media.

  • Focus on your Audience

The first process is to understand your users, know what age group you are targeting and what their interests might be, then create content based on this understanding keeping your audience in mind. You can make proper use of images, memes or animated gifs in your posts to retain their attention.

  • Post Content at Regular Intervals

Posting content on a regular basis is a sure shot way of building your fan base. Every update you make on social media plays a part in its interaction with visitors. But make sure to use fresh content as it will provide new visitors with valuable information about your business and your product or services.

  • Share those Content more than Once

It is advisable to share the same piece of content that has been previously popular on social media more than once and a good way to do it is to mix up the 2 or 3 previously published articles and to recreate a single piece of content to share.

  • Use Hashtags

A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used in social media to find messages with a specific theme or content. Using hashtags can be quite beneficial to your social media strategy as they can increase engagement and also allow you to reach out to audiences who normally would not be under your grasp.

  • Tag your Bloggers

Tagging others have tons of benefits you may not be aware of. It helps add value to your readers, makes your post stand out and inform followers about the relevant content you have on a particular page.

Tagging other Facebook pages in your post has its benefits too as the other company or organisation may share your content on their wall too allowing you extra publicity.  

  • Create a Group to Build Community

Creating your group on social media allows you to ask questions, get feedback on your projects along with publishing content, thus giving you the opportunity to engage with your community. You can always make your group public, closed or private based on your preferences and hire additional admins to help you manage your group.

  • Post about Current Events

Trouble getting new ideas for your posts? Try something that is currently going on in the world. Believe me, it will never disappoint you. The biggest benefit of joining the already happening conversation is that it will get you attention no matter what. You can always choose a topic ranging from holidays to movie releases to any political issues.

  • Use Captivating Headlines

A headline is the most important part of any content, use it effectively to your advantage in order to entice, engage and capture the users’ attention so that they ignore all other distractions to find out more of what you have written.

  • Respond Quickly

An amazing fact about social media platforms is that it’s a never-ending cycle with continuous updates on news feeds and all. So apart from responding to all your messages, it is equally important to do so in real time.


Above-mentioned are some of the top proven and time-tested strategies that work well to increase social media engagement though they are not the only ones. Other tips include using social media management tools to assist you in managing all your social media conversations or creating an internal FAQ section in response to many questions that are repeatedly asked. You can also arrange contests to engage users.

In the end, it all comes down to how capable you are in understanding and how effectively you can apply these tactics to increase engagement, drive more traffic and boost your social media marketing success.

Mike Hall is an experienced professional in the field of Internet Marketing. His years of experience in the field of SEO, Pay per Click and Social Media Marketing has made him an authority on all things digital.

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