No matter what internet marketing area you are working in, it’s always good to follow some of the top names in your business. Angel investors are also a great group of people that you should keep your eye on. Not only do they make for excellent investment partners, but it will also help you keep up with the latest trends on hot companies and what people are investing their money in.

Evan Carmichael has just released his list of the top 100 Angel Investors that you can start following now on Twitter. You can see the top ten below, then be sure to visit his site for the full list.

July 2012 Top 100 Angel Investors to Follow on Twitter

#1) @kevinrose – Kevin Rose
#2) @StartupPro – Martin Zwilling
#3) @RichardFenner – Richard Fenner
#4) @helenyhunt – Helen Hunt
#5) @ThomasSayer – Tom Sayer
#6) @jaywilk – Jay Wilkinson
#7) @krisjonescom – Kristopher B. Jones
#8) @LewisHowes – Lewis Howes
#9) @RudyFDF – Rudy De La Garza (Down from #1)
#10) @kkoolook – Constantine

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