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Limited stock

If you have any product in limit supply, mention it clearly as this makes the buyers to not miss the deal. If you have 5, 10 or 15 products left mention clearly the number left as this makes the buyers curios and they will never want to miss the offer. This is a proved marketing tactic and will definitely works for you.

If possible try to mention the statics as well along with the product such as how many times the same product is bought in last 24 hours or in one month as its human nature that people like to pay money for those products that other people are also buying.

Informative Content Pages

It’s a natural fact that any individual who pay money to buy something want to make sure that this will help him or her to solve his or her problem or not. So, provide all the necessary details so if any potential buyer land on your landing page, he or she can find answers to the all the question they have in their minds. If you provide the buyers with quality information and answer their entire questions than there are strong chances that they will buy your product. Try to use easy navigation so they can easily find the products and can check their details.

Try to mention as many user reviews as you can along with the product description. The reviews will do a magical effect as people will feel free to spend money to buy the product.

Simplify the Checkout Procedure

The checkout method is obviously the phase that the customer is minimum partial to, so it’s vital that this is as effective and as uncomplicated as possible. Take away any needless fields and actions and also analyze one page stream.

Other Tips

  • Eliminate all unnecessary links from the checkout page.
  • Provide the company phone number and easy contact us form as this make the customer feel more comfortable in making purchase as they consider you reliable company and can contact you if they need.
  • Provide complete detail of the product including the price including tax, delivery charges, and any discount if you are offering.


What ever you do it needs a lot of effort and hard work. Try to analyze your plans and find out if they are working according to your expectations or not. If you are not getting results according to your expectations than make new plans and put all your effort again.

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