I think that with all the detail that goes into landing page optimisation, there are lots of advertisers that forget just exactly what the landing page’s job or objective is. The landing page is designed to convert your traffic, produced from your PPC text advert mainly, to a conversion of your choice (which can range from a sale to a read of an article, filling out a form or just a simply click of a tweet button). Either way, it is important advertisers remember this when it comes to their landing pages. Overcomplicating a situation can produce inefficiency with conversion results. Here are three tips to help advertisers of PPC make the most of their landing and maximise its potential.



Question Everything

By this, I mean that there is usually quite a lot of junk on advertiser’s landing pages that do not help convert the traffic from PPC into a conversion. For everything on your landing page, question, ‘How is this helping me gain a conversion?’. This really does help as it helps to clearly identify the places of your landing page which are hindering your success where you can then look to improve it or simply remove it. For example, let’s take an example with Sony and their landing page.

Sony PPC Landing Page 2 - Edited

Sony should be able to question every part of this landing page to how it gains them a conversion. For example, the navigation internal links at the top will help web users browse through other products of Sony encouraging them to buy more products. The Intel sign makes clear that the computers have high-tech processors in them that are extremely fast. For your campaign, make sure there is a reason for everything on it.

You Have Seconds To Impress

You need to remember that web users have an extremely short attention span. Therefore, you need to make sure your landing page entices the web user into staying on it first before anything else. I feel this relates to the video adverts on some YouTube videos. Before you can view the video you You Have Seconds To Impress In PPCwant to view, you have to watch five seconds of a video advert. Most adverts are pretty boring with web users resulting in a click of the skip button to get rid of the advert. However, there are some that know you are going to try and skip it and try encourage you to stay, making you watch the advert. You need to understand that there will be some web users that will try and click away as soon as possible. By recognising this, you can encourage them to stay by adding an extra incentive which makes clear that you know they are going to click away.



Add Social Media Buttons

Adding social media buttons to a landing page will increase the amount of traffic that is going to the landing page…for free. Before, the traffic going to your landing page was completely paid for from PPC. However, if you add social media buttons, you are giving web users the opportunity to share the landing page with their social groups which are likely to have the same interests as the first web user. Therefore, there is the potential to gain extra contextual traffic for free.

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