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The very first step of any successful SEO strategy or any online marketing campaign is keyword research. Keywords are the words that people type in Google or any search engine to get the required information about any topic, product or service. So, by doing the proper keyword research, you can know about your market. Therefore, spend sometime in doing keyword research as keywords will help you to bring traffic to your site. So, the more traffic meaning more leads.

Keyword Research Importance

By doing proper keyword research you can predict the trends in your targeted market. You can get the idea what people are looking for in search engines. This information is very vital as you can than create your content, product or service according to the need of the people in that niche.  As you will be able to know the demands of the motivated consumers in your niche by doing keywords research, you will definitely be able to get leads. So, in simple words keyword research is the backbone of any online marketing campaign.

Another thing that you should always keep in mind while doing keyword research is to find those keywords that generates lead. So, don’t try to target broad keywords as it will only generate lot of traffic but not conversations. First you should prepare a list of lead generating keywords and than do all your effort in ranking your website for only those keywords if you want to be successful in online marketing.

Long tails keywords are more effective than a single or two words keywords as people are looking to find solution or answer to their problems. For example if your website is related to SEO. Then you should target long tail keywords like “How To Optimize Your Website For Better SEO” instead of just single word “SEO”. This is just an example; you can find long tail keywords according to your niche market.

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