Ok guys, so I should not need to tell you that Landing pages are easily one of the most important things when it comes to increasing your conversion rates.  I think there are some things you should and should not do when it comes to making your landing pages.  If you guys are in PPC or especially SEO/SEM, take a look at these basic guidelines!

Try out different types of landing pages.

Be sure that you are correctly performing A/B testing.  Set up multiple landing pages that look the same, and change just one element at a time.  For example, if you are wondering about a certain image, try it on one, and leave it out on the other, and see which performs better.

Don’t give people any reasons to navigate away from your page!!!

This one is huge for me.  When I first got into this business, I thought it would be good to place affiliate ads leading away from landing pages. Bad idea.  Why try to send them somewhere else where they will hopefully make you a small commission, rather than keeping them on the page to sell your own product?  This includes homepages, and other services.

Keep it simple, and organized.

This should be obvious folks.  Don’t try and squeeze in as much information as possible into just one page.  Make more than one landing page if you are looking crammed together.  Typically, a landing page will have 2-3 paragraphs, an image, and a conversion form of some sort.  Possibly,  a bullet list of some sort of advantages or services you offer.

I don’t want to scroll down to give you my money.

Keep your form and submit buttons above your fold.  This would seem like an obvious thing, but many times we forget it.  Obviously, you will need to test this on a few different screen resolutions, but you will want to have the “contact” button and the “submit request” button at the end of the form above the fold. You don’t want to have your customers thinking that your form is 100 Questions long.  Obviously, you are trying to make it as easy to convert as possible. So make sure your visitors know that.

Make sure they know what they can expect.

If they are getting a phone call, or an email, let them know.  If they don’t have to guess what will happen when they fill out the information, it is more likely that more people will convert.  Also, you can ask them what way they prefer to be contacted, via email or phone.

My end point here is to put a little bit of thought into your landing pages.  Think about what the customer wants, and what will make your conversion rates through the roof. Find out what works best for your company, and keep the above in mind.

Aspiring PPC Expert, Guy Behind , Writer at PPCorg

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